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PTM Edge Announces Official Sponsorship of 2015 MyWake Global Challenge

PTM Edge announced that it is an official sponsor of the 2015 Tige MyWake Global Challenge presented by Rockstar Energy Drinks. Kicking off June 1, 2015, athletes from all over the globe can compete for more than $100,000 in cash and prizes right from their own backyard. The full 2015 MyWake schedule will be released May 1.

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Texas Tige Marine Celebrates A Decade of Excellence

In 2005, Texas Tige Marine co-founders Brandon and Cheryl Raymond and Eddie Valverde set out to become Houston’s exclusive Tige Boats dealership. A decade of experience has transformed Texas Tige from a new venture with big ideas into a top dealer for both Tige Boats and South Bay Pontoons. To commemorate their anniversary, Texas Tige is hosting a 10-Year Anniversary Celebration on May 2, 2015 from 10 AM – 4 PM at their dealership in Conroe.

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Perry Morrison Joins the Tige Evolution Team

Perry Morrison might be the youngest rider to join the Tige Evolution Team, but his talent is sure to carry him to the top. Perry fell in love with wakesurfing,Tige Boats, and the lifestyle that goes with it all through the Tige Endless Wave Tour. With a raw talent and whole-hearted passion, you can expect to hear Perry's name as one of the the fastest progressing riders on the wakesurf scene in the coming years.

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Emily Agate Joins Tige Pro Wakesurf Team

In just one year after joining the Tige Evolution Team, Emily Agate has been selected for Tige's elite team of Pro Wakesurfers. 

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Tige Boats Continues Engineering Excellence with New Head of Product Development and Engineering

Tige Boats continues its pursuit of excellence in 2015 with the restructure of its Product Development & Engineering team. Rising to a leadership role, Eddie Guglielmetti has been named Head of Product Development and Engineering. Over his twenty years at Tige Boats, Guglielmetti has gained a broad range of experience and an impressive history of contributions to many industry firsts, including TAPS/TAPS2, V-Drive watersport boats, 102” wide beam inboards, Z Series hull design, and the all new AVX Surf System with the Surf Link™ remote, making him the ideal selection to lead Tige’s future engineering objectives.

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Join us this summer for the 2015 Tige Endless Wave Tour!

Continue the revolution this summer and join us for the ultimate wake surf series, the 2015 Endless Wave Tour.

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AVX Surf System Customer Review: Chris Aalbers, GT Performance

"With the AVX, depending on your mood, depending on the day, it can be whatever you want it to be. To me, it's the best wave out there."

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With 14 years of experience on the the Board of Director, Bill Bistline has been elected as the President of the Colorado Marine Dealers Association. Bistline is the owner of Wakeboard and Waterski Specialty, Tige’s 2014 #1 Dealer located in Denver, Colorado.

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#TigeStories: The Green Family

Words by Jeremy Green

Recently I decided to sit down and jot down my thoughts and events in my past that introduced me to the boating world.  The "addiction", as I call it, that I have towards boating and the marine world takes me back many many years to where it all started.  I go back as far as I can possibly remember, perhaps around the age of four or five, when my dad first took me out on our family boat.  This boat, from what I remember, was an all aluminum type hull with rivets that held it together and an outboard engine which left us stranded more times than I can count! 

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Useful Tips from Chris Kinsey, Part 2

WIPING THE BOAT DOWN Wiping the boat down is the task that not many people enjoy doing. The frequency of wiping your boat down completely depends on where you ride. The lake I ride on requires my boat to be wiped down every time. The water in the lake is dirtier than most and leaves calcium like water spots if not wiped off. Different colors also dictate the amount of cleaning you have to do. Lighter colors hide buildup well whereas darker colors are tougher to keep clean. I’ve used very many different types of sprays and waxes but the cheapest and most effective way to get rid of buildup is a vinegar and water solution. I have put every commonly used boat cleaner to the test; so far, vinegar and water always comes out on top. After I strip the boat of the buildup, occasionally, I will put on a coat of wax to help keep the hull clean. I have found that applying a small coat of wax after removing the water spots drastically reduces the amount of cleaning that is required for next time. Water spots have a tendency to build up if left on the hull of your boat. If the water spots are allowed to build up, it makes getting them off much more difficult and creates a foggy like stain on the hull of your boat.

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