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Cobe France: Summer in Australia

Words by TeamTige Wakeboarder Cobe France

After returning from my first events in Junior Men's in the USA 2014 season, I have settled back into the Aussie life easily. Juggling school with training, and a few part time jobs to help fund my 2015 season in the USA has kept me really busy, but I have had some epic weekends at the Aussie Tige dealer, Prowake's Tige reunions. Their first reunion was at Clermont Queensland, in a little Outback town about 12 hours drive north west my home on the Gold Coast. I was lucky enough to be a part of the athlete team Prowake flew into town to run the weekend. The team includes Daniel Watkins, pro Barefooter Brendon Paige and some other Aussie wakeboarders.  When we got there, the weather was perfect. The air was warm and the water was butter. I was super excited for this event because I got ride behind the ASR for my second time. The first day we fit in a quick ride behind the ASR. The wake was awesome, it was so clean and had heaps of pop.

Thu  |  Jan


Dominic Lagace’s First Winter in 15 Years!

Its been more that 15 years that since I have seen winter and spent the holidays with my family back in Quebec. This time we decide to surprise all of my family to go home for Christmas! At the beginning, the idea sounds crazy. Marina and I laugh just to think about it, who wants to change the sun, the waves, the warm weather? Well us... Plus, Marina has never see the snow before! So we packed our stuff and headed to Montreal.

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The 2015 Tige Lineup Lands in Boat Shows Around the World

Featuring the first of its kind AVX Surf System, the intelligent Tige Touch2 interface, and the torque packed Raptor Series by Indmar, the 2015 Tige Boats lineup is drawing crowds with the industry's leading technology as boat show season gets underway.

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Jennifer Concienne: Spreading the Wake

Words by Jennifer Concienne, Tige Evolution Team Wakesurfer

Wake the World is a non-profit organization founded by Greg Hodgin in 2008. The organization includes a group of boat owners who provide watersport activities to under privileged, neglected, abused, and abandoned children. Wake the world began with eight families providing a fun day on a lake for a local childrens home, by 2013 it became the largest all-volunteer organization of its kind!

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Tige Photoshoots with Dominic Lagace

I received an email from Tige to do a photo and video shoot in Las Vegas with the new Tige's for 2015. It took me about two days to get to the airport in Guadalajara. When I finally arrived in Las Vegas, Danny and Courtney were waiting for me. I have been to Las Vegas several times in the past few years. The landscape is nice from desert to palm trees to blue water.

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Tige Donates 2014 Z1 to Local Non-Profit Auction

Tige Boats is once again generously donating a 2014 Tige Z1 to West Texas Rehabilitation Center, a nationally respected non-profit physical rehabilitation center located in Abilene, Texas. West Texas Rehabilitation Center uses the money from the auction to provide quality care for patients with disabilities regardless of their financial circumstance.  The auction will close at midnight on January 17, 2015. Place your bids here.

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Tige Honors Team Success at 2014 Christmas Party

Tige Boats honored the dedication of the corporate and manufacturing team during their Christmas party on December 19, 2014. Tige experienced a dynamic year in 2014 with the launch of the all-new AVX Surf System. With a commitment to quality, Tige also won their 9th Excellence in Customer Satisfaction Award given by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA).

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The Sailboat Shop of Upstate NY Member of Award-Winning Boating Industries Group

The Marine Retailers Association of the Americas has named the Boating Industries Association of Upstate New York/BIA as the 2014 Bill Ferguson Award winner for outstanding service by a marine trades association to its members and to the boating industry. BIA Executive Director Barb Caster received the award on behalf of the 80-plus member association at the 2014 Marine Dealer Conference & Expo in Orlando, FL, in November. Tige dealer The Sailboat Shop in Skaneateles is an active member of the BIA. The BIA serves members located throughout New York State, primarily in the Central NY, 1000 Islands, Finger Lakes and Oneida Lake regions. 

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Wet Sounds Makes List of Fastest Growing Aggie Owned Companies

We are proud to be a partner with such an exceptional company, Wet Sounds. Texas A&M University recognized Wet Sounds Inc. of Houston, Texas as a member of the 2014 Aggie 100 honoring the fastest-growing companies in the world, owned or operated by Texas A&M University former students. Wet Sounds Inc. had a compound annual growth rate of 48.2% from 2011 through 2013.

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Contest Advice From Chris Kinsey

Chris Kinsey

Contests are something that most would love to do, but few get the opportunity to participate in. Contests are a world of their own. Personally, I have a love hate relationship with contests. I love winning, but a contest takes a lot of preparation, both mentally and physically. No matter if you’re new to contests or a contest veteran, I will take you into the realm of competing and give you tips, advice, and perspective on how to handle these events.

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