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#TigeStories: The Green Family

Words by Jeremy Green

Recently I decided to sit down and jot down my thoughts and events in my past that introduced me to the boating world.  The "addiction", as I call it, that I have towards boating and the marine world takes me back many many years to where it all started.  I go back as far as I can possibly remember, perhaps around the age of four or five, when my dad first took me out on our family boat.  This boat, from what I remember, was an all aluminum type hull with rivets that held it together and an outboard engine which left us stranded more times than I can count! 

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Useful Tips from Chris Kinsey, Part 2

WIPING THE BOAT DOWN Wiping the boat down is the task that not many people enjoy doing. The frequency of wiping your boat down completely depends on where you ride. The lake I ride on requires my boat to be wiped down every time. The water in the lake is dirtier than most and leaves calcium like water spots if not wiped off. Different colors also dictate the amount of cleaning you have to do. Lighter colors hide buildup well whereas darker colors are tougher to keep clean. I’ve used very many different types of sprays and waxes but the cheapest and most effective way to get rid of buildup is a vinegar and water solution. I have put every commonly used boat cleaner to the test; so far, vinegar and water always comes out on top. After I strip the boat of the buildup, occasionally, I will put on a coat of wax to help keep the hull clean. I have found that applying a small coat of wax after removing the water spots drastically reduces the amount of cleaning that is required for next time. Water spots have a tendency to build up if left on the hull of your boat. If the water spots are allowed to build up, it makes getting them off much more difficult and creates a foggy like stain on the hull of your boat.

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Tige Announces Promotion of Two Top Performing Employees

Tige Boats is looking forward to a strong year in 2015 with the promotion of two employees in its Marketing and Engineering departments. Courtney Wagley has been named Marketing Manager and Gaby Schuller has been named Product Development Coordinator.

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Useful Tips from Pro Wakesurfer Chris Kinsey

Words by Chris Kinsey

Throughout my wakesurfing career, I have gathered a large amount of knowledge about wakesurfing and watersports in general. Here are some general tips and that I’ve learned from through my experience on the water. 

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ROUSHcharged Raptor 575 by Indmar Awarded 2015 NMMA and BWI Innovation Award for the Inboard Categor

Indmar Marine Engines, the worlds largest privately held manufacturer of gasoline inboard marine engines was honored today for innovative achievement by the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) and Boating Writers International (BWI) at the 2015 Miami International Boat Show during the State of the Recreational Boating Industry Breakfast, held this morning at the Miami Beach Convention Center. Organized by the NMMA and judged by BWI, the award recognizes innovative distinction from other products currently being manufactured that benefit the marine industry and consumers; they must be cost-effective; offer practicality; and are available to consumers within 60 days of award receipt.  So what does the ROUSHCHarged Raptor 575 by Indmar have to offer that the others don’t?  For one, it is the first and only emissions certified catalyzed supercharged inboard available, the first to bring ROUSH Performance supercharging technology to the marine industry and it produces the most torque ever offered in a towboat; revolutionizing how boat builders will build new models from this point forward.

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Cobe France and the Tige R20

With a few Jr Pro competitions under his belt, Cobe France is showing that he is going to be a fierce competitor in the 2015 season. So far this year, Cobe has already led his competition to take 2nd at the Australian Open. He is next headed to the Moomba Masters and Australian National Championships. Good luck Cobe!!! 

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With a wave of success in Lake Country, British Columbia, Seca Surf + Marine is excited to open the doors of their second location in Calgary, Alberta this Spring. Seca Surf + Marine is an exclusive Tige Boats dealer, being named ‘New Dealer of the Year’ in 2014. Seca, along with Tige and Seca Team riders Aaron Rathy and Emily Agate, will debut the 2015 Tige lineup at the Calgary Boat Show on February 5-8, 2015.

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#TigeStories: The Powell Family

Words by Dave Powell ( – D&P Powell

Some of my fondest memories as a child were spent on the many lakes in Texas.  My father would be waiting for us to return from school so we could hit the road on a Friday night for places like Lake Texoma, Lake Nocona, and my favorite, Lake Possum Kingdom.  We would camp out on the shore, and hit the water as soon as day broke.  My 2 older brothers would waterski to their heart’s content, and I would beg for the opportunity.  I learned early at the age of 5, and I have been drawn to the water ever since.

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February Boat Show Schedule

While it may be off season on your lake, it's boat show season for us, and we're taking it by storm. We're visiting all regions of North America this month and would love for you to come out and say hi!

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Cobe France: Summer in Australia

Words by TeamTige Wakeboarder Cobe France

After returning from my first events in Junior Men's in the USA 2014 season, I have settled back into the Aussie life easily. Juggling school with training, and a few part time jobs to help fund my 2015 season in the USA has kept me really busy, but I have had some epic weekends at the Aussie Tige dealer, Prowake's Tige reunions. Their first reunion was at Clermont Queensland, in a little Outback town about 12 hours drive north west my home on the Gold Coast. I was lucky enough to be a part of the athlete team Prowake flew into town to run the weekend. The team includes Daniel Watkins, pro Barefooter Brendon Paige and some other Aussie wakeboarders.  When we got there, the weather was perfect. The air was warm and the water was butter. I was super excited for this event because I got ride behind the ASR for my second time. The first day we fit in a quick ride behind the ASR. The wake was awesome, it was so clean and had heaps of pop.

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