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Aaron Rathy’s 2015 Rider Set-Up

What is Aaron Rathy riding on and in these days? Check out his 2015 Rider Set-Up and find out. Aaron is always top of mind these days when it comes to the elite riders in the sport, so you owe it to yourself to find out exactly how one of the best dudes out there likes his stuff dialed in. 

Wed  |  Feb


Useful Tips from Chris Kinsey, Part 2

WIPING THE BOAT DOWN Wiping the boat down is the task that not many people enjoy doing. The frequency of wiping your boat down completely depends on where you ride. The lake I ride on requires my boat to be wiped down every time. The water in the lake is dirtier than most and leaves calcium like water spots if not wiped off. Different colors also dictate the amount of cleaning you have to do. Lighter colors hide buildup well whereas darker colors are tougher to keep clean. I’ve used very many different types of sprays and waxes but the cheapest and most effective way to get rid of buildup is a vinegar and water solution. I have put every commonly used boat cleaner to the test; so far, vinegar and water always comes out on top. After I strip the boat of the buildup, occasionally, I will put on a coat of wax to help keep the hull clean. I have found that applying a small coat of wax after removing the water spots drastically reduces the amount of cleaning that is required for next time. Water spots have a tendency to build up if left on the hull of your boat. If the water spots are allowed to build up, it makes getting them off much more difficult and creates a foggy like stain on the hull of your boat.

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Useful Tips from Pro Wakesurfer Chris Kinsey

Words by Chris Kinsey

Throughout my wakesurfing career, I have gathered a large amount of knowledge about wakesurfing and watersports in general. Here are some general tips and that I’ve learned from through my experience on the water. 

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Contest Advice From Chris Kinsey

Chris Kinsey

Contests are something that most would love to do, but few get the opportunity to participate in. Contests are a world of their own. Personally, I have a love hate relationship with contests. I love winning, but a contest takes a lot of preparation, both mentally and physically. No matter if you’re new to contests or a contest veteran, I will take you into the realm of competing and give you tips, advice, and perspective on how to handle these events.

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The Tige Z3 is right for you if…

Review by

The Tige Z3 is the best wakeboard boat for you if: You want a traditional bow in a bigger size with Tigé’s signature style and one of the freshest hulls the company has to offer.

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“Blue Mind”: Mental health benefits of being near water

Turns out there’s some serious science behind the Beach Boys’ famous lyric, “Catch a wave, and your sittin’ on top of the world.” But what is it exactly about the water that pulls us, soothes us, inspires us and connects us? 

Sat  |  Oct


The Tige RZR is right for you if…

Review by

The Tige RZR is the best wakeboard boat for you if: You want a nimble, stylish and versatile boat in a size that’s perfect for standard garages, size-restricted waterways and easy towing.

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WAKE DANS’ RUE Trois-Rivières Recap

Courtesy of

Installed on the Parc Portuaire right by the majestic St-Lawrence river, Quebec's best wakeboarders fought hard for the WAKE DANS' RUE Trois-Rivières title this past Saturday July 26th, under the eyes of one of the largest crowd in the history of the event. A determined Alex Savoie absolutely destroyed the course, and claimed the honors of the event: a well deserved title for the WAKE DANS' RUE veteran. Not too far behind, Benjamin Leclair proved he's one of the best riders in Canada with the right balance of technical and stylish tricks, earning him second. Alexis Roy Perras closed the podium, with a great performance and some extra $$$ for the bar.

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Justin Caskey - No Matter What Documentary from Christopher Harris on Vimeo.

#TigeStories: Justin Caskey

Justin Caskey, two-time cancer survivor, is an inspirational and progressive rider in wakeboarding. He grew up doing all sorts of water sports with his family when he was eleven years old. Around that time his dad bought a Tigé and he started progressing very fast. Unfortunately, he broke his leg when he was thirteen years old, which led to the diagnosis of malignant bone cancer. After a four-year battle, the doctors had to amputate his left hip. However, this didn’t stop his passion for wakeboarding.

Sat  |  Jun


The Tige RZ2 is right for you if…

Review by

The Tige RZ2 is the best wakeboard boat for you if: You want a mid-size, surf-centric boat with style in spades.

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The Tige RZ4 is right for you if…

Review by

The Tige RZ4 is the best wakeboard boat for you if: You want a big, stylish boat that can carry all your friends in the most luxurious and spacious boat in Tige’s line.

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5 things wakesurfers can learn from Olympic Silver Medalist Kelsey Serwa

Kelsey Serwa is a hometown hero in Kelowna, British Columbia, but the leading lady around the world for Ski Cross. She is the Canadian National Champion, World Champion, X-Games gold medalist, and now an Olympic Silver Medalist! This past summer Kelsey was introduced to wakesurfing through Tige dealer Seca Marine and Okanagan Valley's wakesurf school, Surf Kelowna. "We met up with Kelsey on Wood Lake last summer and asked her if she wanted to try to wakesurf. We got the Z3 pumping out a big wave, and being the natural athlete that she is, she picked it up right away," said Kris Krillick of Seca Marine.

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Wakesurf Setup by Wake Surf Austin

Words by

Boat buyers generally ask two question during the research process: "Why Tige?" and "How do I get a massive wakesurf wave behind a Tige?". Wakesurf Austin rep, Stephen Thomas, answered these questions on why the  Tige RZ2 was the perfect match for their group. 

Thu  |  Feb


The Tige Studio Paints the Future of Custom Boat Building

ABILENE, TX— Tige Boats has modernized custom boat-building with the launch of the Tige Studio. Bringing together over 45,000 options and cutting-edge technology, the Tige Studio allows you to build the Tige of your dreams from any location.

Fri  |  Feb


5 Ways to Use Your GoPro

Post by Dieter Humpsch, TeamTige Pro Wakeskater

Not only is Dieter Humpsch one of the top wakeskaters in the world, he is also extremely talented behind the camera lense. Dieter has helped redefine videography in the wake industry and has inspired many videographers around the world to think outside of the box while capturing footage. Check out Dieter's top 5 ways to creatively use a GoPro or any other action camera:

Mon  |  Jan


Q&A with TeamTige Skier Chris Rossi

Post by

@foxriverat asks "Hi Chris. For us new ballers that are just starting to try running the course. What advise or most important steps should we follow in order to succeed in making our first pass through the course."

Tue  |  Dec


Surf Expo: Byerly - AR1 from Alliance Wakeboard Magazine on Vimeo.

Aaron Rathy: 2014 Byerly AR1

Words by Byerly Wakeboards

Aaron Rathy's new Byerly wakeboard has dropped into shops around the world. Rathy has become a constant force in the sport and his riding style seems to evolve with every season. Since his first year with Byerly he has been working on a shape that was designed specifically for him. The AR-1 is the culmination of all the hard work and testing. The AR-1 utilizes Byerly's first Continuous rocker line to generate maximum speed into the wake with no loss of pop .The new profile allows the board to have a very responsive feel and hold a strong edge into the wake. Rathy and Butch have been working on this shape for three seasons and now it is ready to rip. 

Tue  |  Nov


6 year old shredder: Liam

Did we hear, "future TeamTige wakeboarder"?? Liam is a 6 year old little shredder behind his RZR, or his parents RZR! His dad  posted on some wise words of wisdom for teaching your young children to wakeboard. Check it out! This kid is the future of the sport and we LOVE it!!! 

Fri  |  Nov


Be Wise - Winterize!

Post by

No doubt, it's starting to get cold out. There's a good reason many animals hibernate during the winter. Preparing for long periods of inactivity and seeking protection against extreme climatic conditions are necessary steps for survival. It's no different when it comes to your boat and motor. Proper "winterization" is a must for protecting your craft and ensuring it's in ship-shape condition when spring rolls around. Although you should always consult the owner's manuals for winterization procedures for both your boat and your engine, here are some tips for safeguarding your valuable recreational asset during the "off season."

Thu  |  Sep


10 Ways to Boat on a Budget

Post by Eric Colby - Boating World

If you're creative, you can come up with a bunch of ways to save money and continue to enjoy boating with your family. Lucky for you, we did the research. Read on to discover ways to save some cash while you continue to enjoy family time on your boat.

Tue  |  Jul


Wakesurfing Tips: Speed and Rope Length

Post by Greg Young with Northwest Riders

When people ask me about wakesurfing speeds, every boat (and every speedometer at that speed) is pretty different. Generally between 8 mph on the low end to 13 mph on the high end is about right, but it all depends on what your wake looks like.

Tue  |  Jun


Video: What makes a great wakesurf wave?

Daniel Watkins is a true legend in the wakeboarding industry. As a part owner of Tige Australia/ProWake and the longest standing member on TeamTige, Watkins is seeing wakesurfing take over Australia by storm! He has made getting a great wakesurf wave an art and is here to show you it's as easy as 1, 2, 3. Check out Daniel Watkin's perfect surf wave in this vid.

Mon  |  Jun


How to Travel with your Wakesurf Board

Check out Squids Wake's video of how to travel safely with your wakesurf board. Head on over to Fort Collins, CO this weekend for the second stop of Tige's Endless Wave Tour. The WWS Summer Shred Fest is brought to you by Squids Wake himself and Waterski Specialty, Tige's Denver dealer, and you'll be more than prepared on how to get there without a beat up board.

Tue  |  Jun


Wakeboarding Tips: Rope Length

Post by Greg Young with Northwest Riders (original post on the Evo Blog)

Once you’ve figured out your speed, calculating how long your rope should be is a pretty easy process. The idea for wakeboarders is to be just in front of where the wake turns from a clean ramp to a white-washed mushy mess. You want to be hitting the wake at a spot that’s clean, solid, and doesn’t have a lip (that’s where the wake is cresting over on itself).

Tue  |  May


Wakeboarding Tips: Weighting Your Boat

Post by Greg Young with Northwest Riders (Evo Blog)

Weighting your boat is a whole other beast that could easily have a 30 page manual written about it. On a basic level, just be sure that your wake is even from side to side. You don’t want one side to be clean and the other washed out. If that’s the case, have one of your passengers move to the side that’s washed out until the two sides are even.

Fri  |  May


National Safe Boating Week: Little Boaters

Post by Waterski Magazine and US Coast Guard

Getting a good fit is important. Unlike shoes, a child’s life jacket should fit snugly from day one.  Don’t make the mistake of buying a life jacket that a child will “grow into.”

Mon  |  May


National Safe Boating Week: Wakeboard Lifejackets

Post by Wakeboarding Magazine

You can’t ride without a board and boots, and it’s tough to get towed without a rope and handle, but a wakeboard life jacket is probably a rider’s most vital piece of gear. After all, life jackets are exactly what their name implies: your lifeline when the unexpected happens on the water. As a result, making sure you buy and wear a properly fitted life jacket could actually save your life. Here are five rules to follow when shopping for the best life jacket for you.

Fri  |  May


Wakeboard Tips For Your Boat: Tow Speed

Post by Greg Young with Northwest Riders (original post on the Evo Blog)

In my 9+ years of teaching wakeboard lessons, one of the most common questions I seem to get from clients has nothing to do with how to land a certain trick, but rather how to properly set up their boat for wakeboarding or wakesurfing in the first place.The question of how to “set up” your boat properly takes several factors into account: towing speed, rope length, and weighting your boat. I hope to answer all your questions with these wakesurfing and wakeboard boat tips.

Mon  |  May


Erik Ruck: Rules on the Water

Post by Erik Ruck

TeamTige Wakeboarder Erik Ruck lets you in on his personal persective of the do's and dont's when it comes to boating, and how to always have a good time on the water.

Fri  |  May


How to Get Chase Hazen’s Wakesurf Set Up

Post by Craig Kotilinek of Waterski Magazine

Wakesurfing is here to stay, and 2013 has been one of the biggest years ever in terms of wakesurf-centric boat technology. But all the gadgets in the world won't get you the perfect wave if you don't know how to correctly weight your boat. Properly placed weight, in the form of people and ballast bags, can make the difference... Ever wonder how the pros can pull off 540 shove-its and 3-foot airs? The first step is having a great wave. We went straight to the source to cut down your time experimenting with ballast so you can have more time to enjoy the swells behind your boat this summer. 

Wed  |  May


10 Things to Check During A Test Drive

The best way to test the substance of any product is to use it. That's why the perfect test for Tige and all other inboards is on the water, and that means more than just a quick spin on a glassy lake. A good test drive should be fun, entertaining, and give you a true sense of how the boat feels and functions in all water conditions and watersport configurations. Bring the entire family along with boards and skis. Spend some time experiencing the real-world function of those stylish interiors, storage, and other features. Insist on driving theirs... And ours. 

Fri  |  Apr


Surf Vs Skim Style Wakesurfing

Post by Craig Kotilinek of Waterski Magazine

One great thing about surfing is that there are all different kinds of legitimate boards to choose from, and each will give you something a little different. The two main disciplines in the sport are surf and skim, and both have their own styles, virtues, and gear. 

Mon  |  Mar


Video: How To Get Up Wakesurfing

Wanting to learn how to wakesurf this summer? World Champion and TeamTige rider Daniel Watkins is here to give you some simple and easy tips on how to get up on your surfboard this summer.

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