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5 Ways to Survive Off Season

If being on the water is part of your daily routine, you’re probably about to go stir-crazy. The lake is your go-to. Your stress-reliever. Your life! Now the dreaded cold has kicked you off the lake and your stuck bundled up in the house in front of the fire, dreaming of warmer weather.

If you’re anything like me, you’re thinking, “What am I supposed to do now?!”

Before you sign yourself up for counseling, try these alternatives to get you through these long winter months…

1) Find another outdoor activity. Get a breath of fresh air and try something new! New is good. Snowboarding can be a great alternative to wakeboarding, just a tad colder. Participation in any sport will help you get ready for the next season and help keep you busy until the summer comes back around.

2) Hit the gym. What better way to get you ready for the season? Head to the gym and get to running and pumping! The stronger you are, the more sick tricks you’ll be able to pull this summer. Even try training more on your trampoline to get bigger air. Check out WakeWorld’s blog post for a full “wake workout.”

3) Bear the cold. Invest in a wetsuit-- You can still get your shred on as long as your lake isn’t froze over! Or, if you’re in the south like me, its already warm enough to get out on the lake!


4) Travel. Go somewhere that is warm! Tige team rider Doum Lagace chases the summer year round (how awesome would that be?). Doum has spent the most of his winter months this year teaching wakesurfing school in Thailand. Okay, so most of us can’t take off work for 3-6 months at a time to chase the dream. Maybe just take a long weekend instead!

Picture: Doum Lagace in Russia.

5) Upgrade and Repair. If there are any major improvements or repairs that you need to make to your boat, start now! For me, I’d rather take time in the winter months to get my boat in its best shape rather than rushing to get it fixed in the summer.


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