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Aaron Rathy:  Top Three

Wakeboarding Magazine published an article in the April 2014 issue with Aaron Rathy's "Top Three". We always thought Rathy was a rad guy, but after seeing his answers, it's a 100% fact. He's a cool dude.

Songs to listen to really loud:
1) "Teeth" -- Cage the Elephant
2) "Tessallate" -- Alt-J
3) "Goodbye Stranger" -- Supertramp

1) The Weather Channel
2) Magicseaweed
3) eBay

Canadian actors/actresses:
1) Ryan Gosling 
2) Jim Carrey
3) Michael Cera

Song you can't stand:
1) Anything by Pitbull- He's the worst.
2) Nicki Minaj - Spaceships
3) Any Nickelback song

Bands of all time:
1) Pink Floyd
2) The Beatles
3) The Rolling Stones

TV Shows right now:
1) Breaking Bad
2) Game of Thrones
3) Vikings

1) Blackfish
2) Beware of Ginger Baker
3) Food, Inc.

People on Instagram:
1) @surf_porn
2) @natgeo
3) @w_k_n_d

Songs to mellow out to:
1) "Heartbeat" - Jose Gonzalez
2) "Breathe" - Pink Floyd
3) "The Wind" - Yusuf Islam, aka Cat Stevens

YouTube Videos:
1) Songs in Real Life 1-4
2) News Bloopers
3) Best of Murray Hewitt

Talk show hosts:
1) Russell Brand
2) Zach Galifianakis
3) Montel Williams

Tech companies you'd work for:
1) Vice Motherboard
2) DJI Innovations
3) GoPro

Canadian movies:
1) Strange Brew
2) Goon
3) Survivorman marathon



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