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‘Boise Surf This Bash’ Introduces Side-by-Side Wakesurfing

ABILENE, TX – Professional and Amateur wakesurfers came together to take over Idaho for the ‘Boise Surf This Bash’. The first annual competition brought in the world's top ranked riders to Idaho's first wakesurf competition. The ‘Boise Surf This Bash’ introduced the ‘Brigade Bracket’, a side-by-side wakesurfing competition where surfers pulled out their best bag of tricks as they went head-to-head regardless of skill level or gender. Video footage of the ‘Brigade Bracket’ can be found here


Pro Men Surf
1. Chase Hazen
2. Chris Kinsey, Jr.
3. James Walker

Mens Pro Skim
1.  Aaron Witherall
2.  Dominic Lagace
3.  James Walker

Womens Pro Surf
1.  Ashley Kidd
2.  Emily Agate
3.  Angie Viland

Womens Pro Skim
1.  Raya Walker
2.  Ashley Kidd
3.  Jodi Gassman

1.  Grant Witherall
2.  RJ Garcia
3.  Jason Zirnite

Amateur Men
1.  Hunter Clement
2.  Jason Hickox
3.  Michael Concienne

Amateur Women
1.  Allison Sos
2.  Jennifer Concienne
3.  Jordan Branch

1.  Thomas Garcia
2.  Erika Sos
3.  Jessica Garcia

1.  Mike Viland
2.  Jon Butterfield
3.  Roger Hansen

1.  Dominic Lagace
2.  Chase Hazen
3.  Chris Kinsey, Jr.

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