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Q&A with TeamTige Pro Wakesurfer Chris Kinsey

Words by Boarders Magazine

Boarders: What're you up to this offseason?

Chris: I'm pretty busy with school this semester. Other than school I like to hang out with my friends and stay active. I haven't been riding much. However, I am absolutely making up for it in the gym.

Boarders: Where do you go to school and whats your major?

Chris: I go to Baylor University and I'm majoring in entrepreneurship.

Boarders: How old were you whenever you got hooked on wakesurfing?

Chris: I started wakesurfing in 2004 and I've been hooked ever since!

Boarders: Who's a rider you look up to and why?

Chris: I've always looked up to Josh Sleigh. I've never met him but I would watch video of him whenever I first started riding. The things he was doing back then were crazy. He's definitely a pioneer of the sport.

Boarders: What're your plans for 2014?

Chris: For 2014 I plan on traveling around and attending many contests. I plan making this upcoming season similar to last season, but with more events and more wins.

Boarders: What's going on with ShredStixx? Anything new going on?

Chris: Yeah Nick is doing a ton of R&D with custom boards. He's doing so many different things that I haven't ever seen before. He's working with a lot of carbon fiber and stringerless designs.

Boarders: Any comments on Baylor upset by Oklahoma?

Chris: No comment...

Boarders: Where's your favorite spot to ride?

Chris: My favorite spot is Lake Nasworthy. It's in my hometown of San Angelo.


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