Want to Surf It?

Fully Loaded.

The RZX was built for more. More surf. More wake. More space. More style.

Boasting the legendary Convex V Hull, the RZX is a natural performer. For years, wakesurfers have raved on the power, push and quality of a Tige surf wave, and the RZX’s surf performance is sure to heighten their standards. The Convex V Hull is notably versatile and will hurl the wake that wakeboarders around the world have been begging for. From the helm, you’ll immediately feel the impressive handling capability of the RZX, all while keeping your entourage in for a dry ride.

Combine its power with leading technology and the signature style of the RZ Series, you’ll see that the RZX is more than fully‑featured, it’s fully loaded.

RZX Details


Boat Length 23 feet
Width Amidship 102 in // 2.59 m
Weight 5694 lb // 2583 kg
Fuel Capacity 65 gal // 246 L
Hull Convex V
Seating 16
Color Options Infinite
Draft 29"
Storage 122.75 cbft
*Weights and Draft are subject to vary based on engines, towers, and additional options.


The Tige RZX carries the capacity for 3,000 lb’s of factory in-floor ballast

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Key Features

  • 3,000 lbs Ballast
  • Tige Touch2
  • Zero Off GPS Cruise Control
  • Electronic Throttle
  • Removable YETI Ice Chest
  • Center Floor Storage
  • Surf Locker
  • Anchor Locker
  • Built-In Trash Container
  • Gator Step Flooring
  • Carbon Fiber Reinforced Lamination

RZX Main Features

TAPS 3 Surf System with Surf Link™ Remote

Convenience meets quality with Tige’s optional TAPS 3 Surf System with the highly acclaimed Surf Link™ remote. Switch your side, style or size instantly, and without ever losing the quality of the legendary Tige surf wave.

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Convex V Hull

There’s a reason it performs like no other: Patent #6874441. Tige's ConvexV hull is shaped to work in synergy with the laws of physics and nature. Tige stands alone with a patented hull, designed to work with water—not against. The curved surface of Tige's convex hull utilizes the Coanda Effect to pull the boat deeper in the water. By eliminating the hook of the planing hull, the ConvexV produces a clean and perfectly formed wake/wave.

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Tige Touch2

Seamlessly integrated into a low-profile dash that’s reminiscent of a high-performance sports car, all primary controls are now easily and safely within reach, just to the right of your wheel. Tige Touch2 is the industry's most user-friendly 7” wide-screen anti-glare touchscreen controlling your entire onboard experience through a single interface. A quick touch calls up your personal surf wave; another touch and your perfect wakeboard set awaits.

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Indmar Raptor Series Engines

The Tige RZX comes standard with the Raptor 440, which was bred to tow watersports and set milestones of it’s own. The Raptor 440 provides the perfect balance of torque and a smooth, relaxed right no matter how hard you push it. Other engines available: Raptor 575.

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Alpha Z Tower

The Alpha Z Tower’s flowing design makes a Tige instantly recognizable on the water. The unique, fully collapsible cast aluminum structure is the most solid, rattle-free tower available. Sculpted and engineered for maximum strength and versatility, the Alpha Z sets a new standard in tower design and functionality.

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Wet Sounds Audio

Top off the boat of your dreams with a Wet Sounds™ system exclusively built just for Tige. Wet Sounds™ Syndicate Series power amps and REV8 and REV10 tower speakers will deliver the good times in concert quality, whether your chosen source is SIRIUS XM® radio, CD/MP3 Audio or iPod. Enjoy your playlist from anywhere on the boat with no strings attached. All you need is your Bluetooth®-enabled device.

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RZX Additional Features

RZX Available Options

The following options are customizable to fit your RZX.

RZX Warranty

About Tigé

Tige Boats, the only inboard manufacturer to be awarded eight consecutive Excellence in Customer Service awards, is an independent, design-driven company, celebrating over 20-years of uncompromising boat design.