Tige Feature Reviews

"One cool new feature is a small remote that allows wakesurfers to control the shape of the wave on their own while they are riding." Tige AVX Surf System
"We can tell you this is one of the nicest boats you’re likely to ever ride in or behind." Tige ASR
"Tigé’s new ASR is a legit, purpose-built wakeboard boat that’s extremely comfortable, stylish and functional. For both wakeboarding and surfing, the 23-foot ASR is the real deal." Tige ASR
"This 23-footer is capable of towing just about anything, making it a great fit for everyone from multisport families to advanced riders." Tige Z3
"Larger in size, louder in vibe and a wake to make your jaw drop. The Tige ASR is a boat enthusiasts around the world are going to want to ride behind." Tige ASR
“Best styling in business along with big wake and surf performance.” Tige RZ2
“Style, comfort and performance are all at a premium. Looks amazing inside and out, classic Tigé styling makes for the best looking boat in the market.” Tige Z1
Best looking interior on the market for years, this year is even more improved. ZCline is the most comfortable seat in the market.” Tige RZR
“Solid performer; absolutely amazing surf wave.” Tige Z3
“You’d be hard-pressed to find a more stylish boat on the market today.” Tige RZ4
“Priced aggressively for great value; Big, clean, long surf wave.” Tige R20
Wakeboarding logo "The Tigé Z3 is its flagship wakeboard boat for a lot of reasons. The main one being the pro-level wakes it produces."
Boating World Logo "The Convex VX Z3 is a wake-generating machine."
Wakeboarding logo "No matter what sport you throw at it, the Z1 delivers on its reputation. Dial in an invisible slalom wake, a huge wakeboarding wake or a surf wave sweet enough to fuel your endless summer."

Tige Boat Reviews

“Best styling in business along with big wake and surf performance.” Logo "Tigé has been trying to push the envelope with style and performance with their line of wakeboard boats. But after getting onboard and driving it firsthand, we found that it's not only a serious watersports platform, but a very capable cruiser that the whole family can enjoy."
Boating World logo “…Pounding out slick boats and wake-enhancing technology…” Kristal Seeden
Boating World logo “The 360 Service Plus warranty isn’t a shiny, new gizmo, but it is an industry first.” Kristal Seeden
Boating World logo “Tige is proud to announce the industry’s first, all-encompassing service program for new Tige boat owners.”
Boating World logo “…combines edgy styling with the versatility to be good at everything from slaloming to wakesurfing and provide a high level of comfort…”
WaterSki logo “Tige’s optional Alpha Z Tower offers the perfect blend of function, style and ease of use and be outfitted with numerous options.”
Boating World logo “The coveted technology has officially made its watersports debut with TigeTouch, the first fully touch-screen control system on an inboard boat.”
BoatingWorld logo “Intuitive, easy-to navigate screens and menus control and monitor multiple functions and settings with the touch of a finger.”
BoatingWorld logo “The design is sculpted to fully integrate with Tige’s styling and includes integrated docking lights and built-in grab handles.”
BoatingWorld logo “The sleek, precision-cast aluminum structure is fully collapsible and rattle-free.”
WaterSki logo “It certainly satisfies the needs of Tige fans looking to go as long as possible.”
WaterSki logo “Other creature comforts, such as stainless steel cup holders and Kicker speakers, make this boat stand out as one of the most impressive combinations of luxury and performance.”

About Tigé

Tige Boats, the only inboard manufacturer to be awarded eight consecutive Excellence in Customer Service awards, is an independent, design-driven company, celebrating over 20-years of uncompromising boat design.