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We were already proud owners of a 2014 RZ2, with which we had tons of fun in the last weeks of last summer. However, Anthony at Drummondville Marine did a fantastic job of keeping us updated about the new products, and made sure we understood the value of the new generation ASR. Following a meeting with Brian in Drummondville, I was a fan. When we met with Dominic Lagacé in Montreal at the boat show, my wife was conquered as well. Soon after, we took the plunge and exchanged our RZ2 for a 2015 ASR! Needless to say, we are anxious to try the new AVX System.

This boat will be a fabulous machine to showcase on our river, the Richelieu; I'm sure it will get many looks of envy!


Sebastein Comtois | | 2015 RZ2
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The Z3 has the perfect amount of room, and rarely does a customer not comment on how nice having so much freeboard on the boat is. I'm in the boat all day every day so appreciating all of the features for me is really easy. It's awesome to see how much customers notice the Tige difference after being on the boat for just an hour. -

Northwest Riders | Bellingham, Washington | 2014 Z3
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With the new Tige, I had more wake to work with and it made everything so easy. It was as though I had been high-altitude training my entire career up until that point.- Justin

Justin Caskey | | 2014
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Our Tige has a special place in our hearts. It represents a sense of my dad's heart because he bought it to spend more time with our family. He really looks forward to driving the boat and being on the water. Being on our Tige boat has been more than fun trips to the river but a time for our family to bond and spend precious time together. -Monica

Monica Rietze | California | 2014 24Ve
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For me, I needed a boat that didn't break the bank, could seat 16 people, could surf and wakeboard, had a unique look, nice interior, and had a good stereo. So I bought the Tige Z3.

Colon Family | Dallas, TX | 2014 Z3
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“We purchased our Tigé from California Marine Sports and chose Tigé because of the luxury.  It was important for us to have a boat that fit in our garage, and with Tigé the RZR was perfect and the tower folded down past the windshield so it fit in our standard 8 foot door.  We love the styling of our Tigé, we chose the colors electric blue and lime green because it just pops on the lake, and every time we go out to the lake we get compliments on how great our Tigé looks.  We have a variety of riders in our boat and we find it amazing that our Tigé can produce an old school slalom ski to a full-blown wakeboard wake.  The ride in our Tigé is really smooth and we love the surf wave – it’s crisp and clean. We are so excited that our 9 year old son has successfully learned to wakeboard the awesome wake that our RZR produces! We set up our Tigé Touch so any one can drive and I can still enjoy the wake just like I like it.  The customer service at CMS is phenomenal – Buying a Tigé we feel we joined a family.”

Roe Family | Denair, CA | 2013 RZR
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“I love the fact that I can take my Tige to the lake and it is reliable.  I’ve had my Tige for about one and half years and have over 490 hours on it and have had zero issues.  Since I purchased my Tige new a big deciding factor was Tige’s 360 Service Plus that provides me with free oil changes, impeller and other routine maintenance. We 100% surf behind our Tige and the wake is absolutely phenomenal.  It was easy to dial in and has plenty of push and drive. The styling of my RZ2 turns heads every time I’m on the lake; it’s been amazing from the start.”

Chris Day | Austin, TX | RZ2
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“We sat in all the competitor boats, we were looking for a high quality, comfortable boat that produces a great surf wave on both sides (goofy and regular) and we kept coming back to the Z1.  We purchased our Tige with a ConvexVX and the surf wave on either side is fantastic – it’s the perfect “his and hers” boat.  We love our Tigé Z1; great purchase.”

Kyle & Korinn Woodard | Kelseyville, CA | 2013 Z3
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"Our family has enjoyed our Tige year after year.  Great boat, great fun and great memories."

Scott & Rose Middleton | Bull Shoals Lake, Arkansas |
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"I ride behind many boats, and Tige has the best wake by far!  Quality built and very reliable, keep up the amazing work!"

Adam Zimmer | Dorchester, ON Canada |
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"I am asked often why I chose TIGE and why I am so loyal to the brand.  I said "its the peoples brand". You not only get high quality fit and finish, reliablility and performance, but TIGE focuses on all feedback from their owners to improve an already outstanding product. Then there is the dealer aspect of the choice. I am so lucky to be in Denver and have the best customer service from WWS. You  become part of the TIGE family.

I enjoy exposing new people to the sport I have grown to love. Squid's Wake was founded on a passion that is evolving everyday.

I thank you for the best boat on the market.  I thank you for all you have done for the sport.  More importantly I thank you for introducing my family into the lives of so manny amazing people."

Kendall Family | Denver, CO | 2011 R20
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"This is our 7th Tigé, we put at least 200 hours per year on our boats and we are very glad we put our money and investments in Tigé."

"We love our 2012... and look forward to seeing the factory one day to see how you build the best boats in the world!"

"Your boats are awesome, and your customer service is amazing!"

Kyle Rensink | Iowa | 2012 RZ2
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"What I love about owning a Tigé is the feeling of knowing I'm a part of something much bigger than just owning a boat." 

Pictured:  Tristan and Daydra Dietrich, Nick Dietrich and Puddy. 

Tristan & Daydra Dietrich | Canada | 2004 22Ve
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"Love the surf wake of my Tigé RZR.  Had a guy in a Mastercraft X2 approach me and could not believe we were surfing 8-12 feet back from the boat.  He said he surfs with the nose of his board hovering over the end of the swim platform.  What I like best is that everyone's looking at us, cause we've got the better surf wave!  It's a good feeling."

Rob McKenzie | Alberta, Canada | 2011 RZR
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"This is why we LOVE our Tigé....Best Boat Ever………the picture is at Lake Lahanton in western Nevada……6:30 am just as we were getting ready to hit the best glass of the summer."

Richard & Sally Elloyan | Nevada | 2005 22V
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I want to thank the Owners and all the people at Tigé for taking pride in what they do to build and service a quality boat.  This is my 5th inboard, but our first Tigé.  So far this boat has exceeded my expectations in every way.   

The boat is amazing,  I love the detail that has been put into the design, shape, and mfg of the boat.    Of all the boats I have owned thus far this one is complete and every detail has been looked after.  The ride of the boat in rough water is outstanding.   Factory setup and ease of use of Tigé touch is so nice.    I could go on and on about the many features,  but in the end I just want to say thank you to the many men and women that have taken pride to create such a fabulous vessel.

Glen & Julie Combe

Glen & Julie Combe | | 2011
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Thanks for the great customer we received while picking up our boat.
We love our boat. I never thought we could find a boat you could water ski that is perfectly flat across the top, unlike the Natique that had a ridge in the middle. We love that we can fill the bags with a touch of a button and have a great surf & wakeboard wake without a boat load of people.

Thanks again for everything,
Jerry & Sharon


Jerry & Sharon Lakatos | Mission, TX | 2011 R20
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“Before I pulled the trigger (on the RZR) I compared different makes for about 6 months and I can tell you there isn’t a better 20ft boat.”

Better Handling and Quiet Ride
“I lake tested the RZR twice against a Mastercraft X-2 and a Nautique and the day I tested against the Mastercraft there were 15-20mph winds on Lake Travis and the water was very choppy. The Tigé RZR handled the waves/wakes much better than the Mastercraft and made way less rattle noise from the tower.”

“Once you get into the bow (of the RZR) it’s much roomier than a x-2, and is almost as big as the Tigé RZ2. In my opinion there isn’t a better 20ft boat available.”

Chris LeBoeuf has a Tigé RZR on order that will deliver this spring.

Chris LeBeouf | Austin, TX | 2011 RZR
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The Lindemann family was the highest bidders on the WakeWorld Toys for Tots boat! 

True Texas Raiders fans they chose red and black for their RZR!  Knowing that Tigé builds high-quality wakeboard boats in Texas – their Texas spirit came through when making the decision on an inboard! 

Douglas & Jody Lindermann | Lubbock TX | 2011 RZR
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“We love our Tigé' after our first season! Previously had a Seadoo Speedster 150 we chose Tigé for these reasons.”

“Our family enjoys many different watersports, and we love the fact the Z1 has the ability to transition from ski to wakeboarding easily.”

“We love the Alpha Z tower has a very distinctive style.  It flows with the design of the boat.”

Awesome Dealer
“Performance Marine at the Lake of the Ozarks is great!”

Jason Knaust Family | Lake of the Ozarks, MO | 2010 Z1
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“We love our new Tigé. We took delivery in November 2010, just in time for spring in Australia.”

“We test drove Tigé and Malibu. We chose Tigé because we liked the styling of the RZ2.  Our dealer on the Gold Coast, Mick Watkins is super!  We have a great relationship with Tigé Team Rider, Scotty Broome and he recommended Tigé!”

Farrell Family | FORTITUDE VALLEY, QLD - Australia | 2010 RZ2
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The Fish family enjoyed a detailed tour of the Tigé Boats factory and at the end of the line they climbed into their new black and blue Tigé 22i.

A family of avid watersports enthusiasts they are super excited to get their boat to Lake Austin.  Andy Fish is a loyal Tigé owner, this 22i is the first Tigé he build based on his specifications and customized for his family.

Fish Family | Austin, TX | 2011 22i
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My wife (Julie) and I both were excited to upgrade from our existing 22 foot Four Winns to an actual wakeboard boat.  I for years had been dead set on buying a Mastercraft X-45 but Julie was open for options. 

In 2011 we went to the Los Angeles Boat show and met with both Mastercraft and Tige.  It was at that time that we met with Rick Correll and the local dealership owner Chris Ainsworth of Tige Watersports.  We spent hours with each dealership learning about the boat, heritage, features and options; most of all, we got to know each manufacturer and the local dealer.

We decided to demo each boat, the Mastercraft X-45 against the Tige RZ4.  While discussing the demo day, Chris requested that we do it back to back, ensuring that Mastercraft would have the same water conditions as Tige and that we would have a back to back feel for each boat.   His biggest point was, this is a large purchase and if you're truly going to compare these boats, you have to give them the same water conditions and the same opportunity. 

The following Sunday, we were able to get both boats out to the lake.  The Tige demo was first, while Mastercraft sat on shore watching for about an hour. Chris did a great job in explaining Tige, not Tige against Mastercraft, but just Tige and its strengths.   Second was Mastercraft, who also did a good job explaining their boat.  We spent a similar amount of time on the water, but unfortunately for them, Tige went first and the bar was set for how a boat should perform.

Our decision was extremely hard, to the point of writing down the pro's and cons of each boat and having long family discussions about the purchase (Remember, I was adamant at the beginning of this process that I was going to buy a Mastercraft).  What really helped us with our choice of buying Tige were large gaps in the Mastercraft design.  As a family who had been boating all our lives, we knew what we wanted in a boat and the differences that helped our decision were as follows:
1. Stability - with the three skags, the RZ4 provided additional stability in the turns.  When Julie drove it for the first time, she was not only amazed with the boat, she felt extremely comfortable behind the wheel,  a feature I couldn't ignore.  When I drove the Mastercraft X-45, it turned and drove exactly like my 1996 22 foot Four Winns, totally unacceptable for a new boat that is suppose to have the heritage of a great wakeboard machine.
2. The RZ4 drove like a Porsche 911 Turbo - I could not get over the PCM 409 engine and transmission.  Not only did I not feel it go into gear, the tork just kept coming!   It was like I was behind the wheel of a 911 Turbo.
3. Windshield - when you're out on the water for a long day, you want to be protected; the Tige windshield helped shield the family from the wind and water during all water conditions.   In the Mastercraft, it was like we had a half windshield that was right in my line of site. In addition, Julie's head would often hit the windshield as she sat in the passenger seat.
4. Tige Watersports - Chris Ainsworth wanted more than anything to give the competition a fighting chance.  His honesty and integrity during the sales process was really present and he understood what was important to a family like ours.
Overall, once we made the decision to go with Tige, we never looked back.  But once the boat went into production, the entire Tige company went out of their way to prove that we had made the right decision.  Jean sent us pictures during the production process, our questions were answered easily and we were truly made to feel like part of a family.  We have other friends who have always sworn by Tige and now we understand why.

Thanks to everyone for making it a great buying experience!

Dave and Julie Dyas


Dyas Family | Chino Hills, CA | 2011 RZ4
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Our whole family is anxiously awaiting the arrival of our new family member, the Tige' RZ4. You know over the years, I have referred about 10 people to purchase Cobalt boats. I seem to have the gift of positive referral and hope to do the same for Tige'.  You and the entire Tige' team have been great.  Thanks!!!!
Al Philippus

Philippus Family | | RZ4
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Group Therapy

Photo is from last weekend -- first trip on my new Tige!  SO much fun!!  -- Leigh

Leigh Trevan | Somerset Dam, Brisbane Australia | 2008 22i
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This RZ2 is fantastic.  I have owned nearly every major brand of ski boat and nothing comes close. My son and I just began to wake surf; and this is about perfect.  The boat has a Mercedes-Benz (no, Bentley) feel.  GOOD JOB! -- James B. Phillips, MS, DDS

Phillips Family | Lake Norfolk, Arkansas | 2010 RZ2

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