Chris Rossi Chris Rossi
Chris Rossi

The slalom ski superstar, Chris Rossi, has turned his passion into a career. Over the years, he has won numerous titles including being named USA Waterski Male Slalom Skier of the Year and US National Champion. Chris is a 9-year veteran of Team Tige and is still leaving his imprint on the watersports industry by being a product designer for Radar Skis and teaching thousands of students behind his Tige 20i.

Hometown? Born in Barre, Vermont… Now resides in Oviedo, Florida

How long have you been slalom skiing? I learned to ski on a public lake in Vermont when I was 7. I was introduced to tournament skiing when I was 9.

What would a "perfect day" be to you? Glass and calm wind at any lake in Vermont with a course, and I’d have family and friends out skiing with me. I had many of these days this past summer on Lake Groton, Vermont.

What is something no one would ever guess about you?  I love to support the "Arts". My wife and I regularly attend ballet, opera, theatre performances, and Sundance Film Festival. We also love to visit museums while traveling around the world for tournaments.

What are 5 things you can't live without? My wife and child, travel, coffee, being outside, and skiing!

What’s your favorite TV show? Duck Dynasty and NFL

Who inspires you? I have had many inspirations throughout my career but the two that stick out are my parents and Herb O'Brien. My parents gave me the opportunity to ski and supported my decision to make skiing a career. Herb mentored me and provided me the skis and creative freedom to design the products I've been successful on.

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