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Cobe France

At just 14 years old, Cobe France is quickly on his way to being a wakeboarding legend. Growing up on the Gold Coast led Cobe to meet Daniel Watkins, a fellow Team Tige Wakeboarder and World Champion, and he has motivated and inspired Cobe to chase his dream of being a wakeboarding phenom. Cobe signed on with the Team Tige Global Wakeboarding Team after turning heads at the Tige MyWake Global Challenge in 2012. With a unique combination of passion and talent, Cobe France is one of the most talented and up-and-coming wakeboarders in the world.

Hometown?  I live on the Coomera River on the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia

How long have you been wakeboarding?  I have been wakeboarding for about 8 years. I started when I was 6 yrs old.

What would be a "perfect day" be to you?  A perfect day for me would be calm water, hot sunny day, friends in the boat and a nice Tige wake.

What is something no one would ever guess about you? I played rugby union for 6 years.

What are 5 things you can't live without?  Family, wakeboard gear, my boat, my phone, food.

What's your favorite movie?  Nitro Circus 3D

Who inspires you? Daniel Watkins and Harley Clifford, both these guys live on the Gold Coast too.

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