Dieter Humpsch Dieter Humpsch
Dieter Humpsch

Dieter grew up in the midst of the South African war and had a harder life as a child than most of us could ever imagine. He was introduced to Dieter’s smooth and natural talent is pushing the sport of wakeskating. He is now one of the most versatile and interesting riders in the world of wake. Dieter is not only progressive on the water, but he is incredibly talented behind the lens. He just experienced the biggest year of his life so far after being named Alliance ‘Wakeskater of the Year’ and releasing Noisia Vision, a wakeskating movie he solely filmed, edited, and produced.

Hometown? Umhlanga Rocks, South Africa

How long have you been wakeskating? around 14 years

What would be a "perfect day" be to you? Wake up go for a sunrise surf, bacon and eggs after that. Then a wakeskate behind my Tige RZR with friends and then a braai (BBQ) with friends and a mini ramp sesh or something

What are 5 things you can't live without?  Water, boards, cameras, legs, family

What's your favorite TV show? That 70's show

What's your favorite movie? Happy Gilmore

Who inspires you? A lot of people inspire me, but I would say generally my family is a huge inspiration to me. I also get inspired seeing Kelly Slater as he gets older and is still shredding harder.

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