Emily Agate Emily Agate
Emily Agate

In just one full year as a competitive wakesurfer, Emily Agate has already captured the hearts and minds of the wakesurfing world.

While Emily has made a number of big career moves in the past year, she says that becoming a TeamTige rider is her biggest accomplishment yet. “It was something I dreamed of last season, and I worked really hard to make it come true,” said Emily. “It was a goal that was somewhat out of my control. I can train, I can surf, and I can perform at a competition and podium. However, signing with Tige was something that I had to be offered. I am so excited to be a part of the team, and I cannot wait to see what the year brings.”

Emily is training for the 2014 season behind her new 2014 Tige Z3.

What was the deciding factor for you to pursue a pro career?
I stumbled into the world of wakesurfing and instantly fell in love with the culture and the people involved.  I love inspiring others and pushing myself to meet new goals.  A pro career in wake urfing has enabled me to find a confidence that I never knew I had, inspire others and challenge myself both mentally and physically.      

Where do you usually ride?  
I live in Canada so in the summer, I ride on Lake Koocanusa in Fernie BC. During the off season, I drive my boat to my vacation home in Las Vegas and ride on Lake Mead.

If you weren’t wakesurfing, you would be?
I would be lost without wakesurfing.  It has become a way of life for me.  I love it and am very passionate about the sport.

What do you think makes your riding style unique from other riders?
I love carving the wave.  When I first learned to wakesurf that’s what I thought you did! So I have developed an aggressive style with lots of slashes and carves.

What’s your biggest goal as a wakesurfer?
Of course as any professional’s goal, I want to be the best female surfer out there!  I want to push the sport of wakesurfing.  Drive and inspire others to follow their passions and reach their goals making dreams become reality.  I am someone who lives life with a smile on my face and if I can share that smile with others and make their day I am happy!

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