Gina Faccio Gina Faccio
Gina Faccio

Gina Faccio is South Africa’s top female wakeboarder. Her career highlight so far has been winning the EAME (European, African, and Middle East) Championships and as a result getting invited to compete in the US Masters. Gina is a licensed civil engineer by day and loves to spend time with her family and friends.

Hometown? Johannesburg, South Africa.

How long have you been wakeboarding? 11 years.

What would a "perfect day" be to you? My ultimate day would be to wake up not too early - invite some friends around and go for an awesome set and learn a new trick or two on glassy water behind our Tigé Z3. Just to top the morning off, a big breakfast with bacon and eggs! I love shopping so maybe sneak in spot of shopping in the arvie, and then finish the day off with a long surf session behind a massive wake!

What are 5 things you can't live without? My car, boat, wakeboard and surfboard, my books, and my iPod.

What’s your favorite TV show? Revenge - it's so complex - I'm hooked!

Who inspires you? Dr. Demartini inspires me - his vast knowledge on universal laws has helped me empower my life, not only in wakeboarding, but also in every area of my life.

What’s your favorite movie? Never Back Down

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