Cobe France- Rookie in the USA

Jul 24, 2015

For the past few months I have been living in Orlando Florida. It’s been so fun over here wakeboarding everyday. I have travelled more the past 3 months than I have in my whole life. It’s awesome to travel America with competitions around the country. Riding in the warm weather over here is a lot better then the winter weather in Australia.

This is my first year in Jnr pro. I was really exited to start the season off. Luckily enough In Australia I won the Jnr Pro competition at Moomba Master so I was given a invite to The US Masters which I was stoked about. I was really exited to be invited to the US Masters in my first year in Jnr Pro. It was a really cool event because we where wakeboarding right next to the crowd. In the heats I thought the live score screen floating out on the water was pretty cool. I ended up making it through to the Finals, which was awesome. I was pretty nervous for the finals being the biggest competition I had ever been to. After I finished my run in the finals I saw my score on the live TV screen. I didn’t ride 100% to plan but I was happy with my score. After everyone finished there contest run it showed that I won second place. I was happy with 2nd because it was my first podium in Jnr Pro. It was a fun competition but it was time to come back to Orlando to learn new tricks and train for the next competition which was a week away.

The weekend after US Masters I was back on a plane traveling to Lake Lanier, Atlanta for stop 2 of the WWA Riders Experience and official WWA Junior Pro Tour. All the boys and I got a shuttle from the airport to our hotel. Once we arrived at the hotel we wanted to look at the contest site. Luckily enough the site was connected to our hotel and we hired golf carts and drove down there. It was pretty funny showing up to the competition site on Golf Carts. The Lake was pretty cool there were big mountains covered in tree surrounding the edge of the lake. On the day of the comp the conditions were quite rough. There was a lot of boats on the lake causing the course to be really rollie. In the heats it was defiantly hard to get used to the rough conditions out there but I ended up making it through to the finals. Before the final I was trying to figure out what tricks I could do in the tough conditions. I got my mind set and went out in the final and landed a good run. When the results came out I couldn’t believe it. I had just won my first Jnr Pro Tour event and second Junior Pro competition. I rode the best I could in the conditions and I was so excited to come away with first at this event. I was so stoked.

Coming back to Orlando from this event I was just loving life. A few days after the competition I got my 1st ever magazine cover with Wake Journal which just made my week even better. It was a busy time for me travelling to competitions most weekends. After just getting back to Orlando it was time to get ready for the Pro Am in California. By this point I was getting the hang of plane traveling. Going to California was really cool because I got to see the Golden Gate Bridge. It was so cool to see that bridge as it is in a lot of movies. The site for the Pro Am was good. The weather was nice it wasn’t windy at all. With a stacked field I made it through my heat on the first day and was ready for the semi final the next day. I was pretty nervous in the semis because I really wanted to make it to finals. I rode good and won my semi-final. The final was pretty scary for me but my run was good enough to get me 3rd place. I didn’t have my best ride but I was happy with this result. After this event it was time to go back to Orlando and train because I had the next stop of the WWA Junior Pro Tour the next weekend.

After a few days back at Lake Jessamine in Orlando I was on a plane again. By this point I had almost mastered sleeping through whole plane trips, which was good I guess. This stop in Denver Colorado was the second last stop of the WWA Junior Pro Tour. The site at this event was a little bit different than most usual event sites and it allowed us to have a double up at the end of our run. This was good because it was different then most other Jnr Pro competitions. This was the first competition I had hit a double up in before. I rode good in the heats and made it to the final, which I was happy about. In the final I had to change my run to fit in the double up. I ended up landing my run and when I came to the double up I was a little bit sketchy but I was still came away with 2nd place. Coming back to Orlando this time was great because I had a three-week break from contests. I was away almost every weekend so it was good to have some time to learn some new tricks. New tricks aren’t always fun, I somehow accidently put my head through the handle in one crash. It was the scariest crash I have ever had. Luckily I didn’t get hurt.

After a few weeks in Orlando it was time for the last stop of the Jnr Pro - Riders Experience tour in Minneapolis. This competition was really important for the overall standings as I sitting in 2nd place only 5 points behind fellow Aussie and my travel partner to these events – Nic Rapa. I ended up winning my heat and making it into the finals. It was another event with challenging water and I put a lot of pressure on myself at this event because I wanted to win the overall series. Sadly I had a really bad ride and didn’t make the podium. I was very disappointed with this events results the good news is I held onto 2nd for the overall series, which I was happy about in my first season competing in the USA.
It was also cool to stand on the Junior Pro Tour series podium with my Aussie mates Nic in 1st and Lewey Watt in 3rd.

Now it is time for me to leave Minneapolis and head to Texas to see the Tige Factory which I am super exited about. I think it will be awesome to see how the boats are made. After Texas I will have a few weeks in Orlando then I will go the USA Nationals then I will be heading back Home to Australia.


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