Cobe France: Summer in Australia

Jan 22, 2015

After returning from my first events in Junior Men's in the USA 2014 season, I have settled back into the Aussie life easily. Juggling school with training, and a few part time jobs to help fund my 2015 season in the USA has kept me really busy, but I have had some epic weekends at the Aussie Tige dealer, Prowake's Tige reunions. Their first reunion was at Clermont Queensland, in a little Outback town about 12 hours drive north west my home on the Gold Coast. I was lucky enough to be a part of the athlete team Prowake flew into town to run the weekend. The team includes Daniel Watkins, pro Barefooter Brendon Paige and some other Aussie wakeboarders. When we got there, the weather was perfect. The air was warm and the water was butter. I was super excited for this event because I got ride behind the ASR for my second time. The first day we fit in a quick ride behind the ASR. The wake was awesome, it was so clean and had heaps of pop.

The Prowake Tige Owner reunions are a heap of fun. Everyone is out on the lake in their boats. Prowakes athletes ride and ski with as many boats as they can fit in the day, coaching, riding and showing the Tige owners how to get as much fun out of their boats as they can. Everyone’s riding and learning new tricks. It's awesome for me as well because I get to hang out in everyone’s boats and go wakeboarding. It’s a win win situation for everybody. A couple of times a day we all stop at the same spot and a bunch of us give a mini show. If you can get to a Prowake Tige reunion, you won't be disappointed.

I arrived back in Aus in time for the 2nd Local Wakeboard Queensland comp. It was at Somerset Dam, which was pretty good. It was a good site but it got a little bit windy. This was my first comp since I got back from America after September 2014. Prowake provided Tige boats for the event, which was awesome. We were riding behind the ASR and it was only my 3rd ride behind it but it was amazing. I rode in pro for this wakeboard Queensland comp. I rode well in the final and ended up taking the win in the Pro class, which was awesome. I wish I could have kept riding the ASR after the comp.

Next up on the list of events was the Grafton NSW Tige Owners Reunion. I was really excited for this event because there was always heaps of boats and the best location at the Big River Ski Lodge on the massive Clarence River. This year there was around 40 boats there, it was awesome. The whole day was a great success. The sun was out, the water was smooth and lots of wakeboarding. What could get better than that? It was crazy to see so many Tige boats on one river Prowake have a great video on the event posted on their site.

Another fun day was during our Schoolies festival. This is the Aussie version of Spring Break on the Gold Coast. The team at Loose Kid Industries hooked me up to teach the stars of the UK TV series Geordie Shore to wake board. This was a great day with the two LKI Tiges and a crew full of celebrities all wanting to learn to wakeboard. You can see the movie at the top of this blog.

After the Owners Reunion I had a few weeks to do a lot of wakeboarding. I ended up learning backside 720’s which was pretty cool. Christmas time was pretty fun at my Families house and not what you are used to in the northern hemisphere. The weather was about 90 deg F and the traditional Christmas Day lunch is cooked on the BBQ

I got a half pipe for Christmas so we spent a lot of the day skating which was awesome. It was funny to see my sister try to ride a skateboard. Lunch was pretty good as always but we finished the day with a good Wake surf session. I find wakesurfing really fun and our R20 bangs out the sickest wake. Wake surfing was the only thing that kept me from going crazy a few years ago when I was off the wakeboard with a busted knee.

We finished up Christmas with a holiday through to the start of 2015 with my family and a bunch as mates back at Grafton back down in New South Wales. I love to ride on the Clarence river at Grafton because it is deep , and you can always find good water. Another thing I love about Grafton is Its always Hot! Its never boring there because you go out in the boat in the morning with all your friends and see everybody progress then finish the day off with one last set and a bit of wake surfing.

When we got home there was no resting. It was time to get ready for the Australian Open which was a few weeks away. The Australian Open was the first comp in Australia that I would be riding in Junior Pro men. The Australian Open was the First big comp in the 2015 Australian season and the seeding comp to Qualify for Moomba in Melbourne in March. The wakeboard competition at Moomba is part of a massive weekend of fun and events and attracts the biggest crowd of any wakeboard competition in the world.

The Australian Open was held in Canberra. We decided to drive the 14 hours south and stop in at Manly at Sydney for some surfing. Once we got to Canberra There was a training camp held by Wakeboard Australia two days before the competition. This was good because I got to practice my tricks before the comp. The Aussie Junior Men class has plenty of top riders and is great practice for the USA season with many of these guys heading over to Florida with me after our Nationals. The weather was quite cold on the training camp. On the comp day the weather was good luckily. In the heats I made the choice to change my run so I could fit the rail in it. In the heats I rode great and ended up winning the heat. After this i went on to the semi final. In the semi I landed a toe side 720, heel side 720 and a whirly 540. I won my semi final seeding me second last rider for the final. I was really excited for the final. In the final I landed toe side 720, heel side 720, whirly 540 and mobe dick540 but I ended up falling on a Pete rose. I got 2nd place at the Australian Open. I was going for the win but I am still happy to get second but I did achieve my goal of a spot in the Moomba event in March.


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