GT Performance Demo Days with Ashley Kidd

Jul 24, 2013

GT Performance, Tige dealer in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, held their annual Demo Days and invited TeamTige and World Champion Wakesurfer Ashley Kidd to ride and give lessons during their event. This trip marked Ashley's first trip to Canada and she quickly realized what a Canadian summer looks like. For a girl from the Texas coast, it was cold and a wetsuit was a must.

The weather was not too cooperative during Ashley's visit. The water temp was actually warmer than the air temperature. On top it was raining off and on all day, but the kids were excited to have a professional wakesurfer there to watch them ride and help them advance their riding skills, so they pushed on and rode through rain. Ashley actually had just dialed in a new move so the kids in the clinics were one of the first to see her add that to her already exciting bank of tricks.


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If you think Tige's are impressive online, just wait until you experience one on the water!