10 Questions with Dominic Lagace

Nov 20, 2013

1) Tell us where you grew up and how you experienced the sport of wakesurfing for the first time?
I am from Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Canada. I use to wakeboard a lot with friends and one of them Eric use to have a board shop. Then one day he came telling us that we can surf behind the boat. A Rep. who came to his shop with some older Liquid Force wakesurf board telling him to try it. We did not know anything about the speed, ballast, rope, never seen it before. After coming back from a 1 years trip to Australia / New Zealand surfing. He tells me that we can surf right here on a lake. I could not believe it! We all tried it out and we all fell in love with it enough to switch from wakeboarding to wakesurfing.

2) What caught your eye with skim style instead of surf style wakesurfing?
For a long time I did not know there was 2 different styles. Back home they where selling mostly skim style. That is why I started with Skim style. Then I went to my 1st. World Championships in Merced California in 2007. I could see all the surf style boards.. But at that time we where still competing together. I feel they are both super fun to ride.

3) I remember Jimmy Redmond talking about you a little bit back in the day. He mentioned you were the hottest thing he has ever seen on a skimboard behind a boat. So my question to you is what drew you to the Liquid Force brand?
I remember when I used to wakeboard Liquid Force was my favorite brand. I liked the brands style, riders, and involvement with the water sports. As a rider, it is a dream to ride for a company like LF.

4) The skim division in wakesurfing has really grown. Is there a direction you would like to see the sport grow? Less competing more photo guy? Or is the sport not thee yet and we need more competitions?
I think we need everything in order to help the sport grow. I would like to see more video and photos because free riding always is gonna be the best. I am not a big fan of contest but I still think that we need them to help give credibility to the sport and also bring publicity to help expand.

5) Do you have any favorite spots that you favor to hang, train,live, and ride?
I do not have any specific spot yet. Somewhere hot all year long, on a small flat lake, with the boat right behind the house already on the water full of gas to ride with the driver. That would dope! ha ha ha ha ha

6) At Worlds we noticed you had your girlfriend with you. Some athletes do not like having family or a girl around when competing. Does she bring out the best in you at events?
Of course! It worked out great for me this year. I got 2nd place at Worlds. Marina is super easy going, positive, and very supportive. It’s super easy to travel together. We are also both really lucky in life, maybe that help for my contest!

7) You mentioned you were heading to Mexico after the Wakesurfing World Championships.. Is this a hot new destination for wakesurfers?
Not yet! Maybe one day? Most of the time that I go to Mexico it is to go surf in the ocean. Change it up a bit! And sometimes I get to do some clinics during winter in Mexico. I really love it!

8) How many stops did you compete on the Wakesurfing World Tour this year?
Not exactly sure.. Around 12 contest total! Some were from the world tour and others from the EWT, Endless Wave Tour by Tige Boats.

9) Did you have any involvement with the Tige MyWake Contest?
Not really! I just made a video and sent it in. It made it to the finals. So in October in Reno Nevada and I won the contest!

10) Do you have new Pro Model coming out with Liquid Force? If so tell us about it.. As well, we realized at worlds you and your girl are some what fashionistas. Tell us a little bit about her bathing suit line? You two were cute and seem to be really moving and a shaking with the sport of wakesurfing!?
Yes, with LF we always have a new board every year. This year we have a complete new graphic with a similar board but a bit lighter. Marina is very creative and talented. She made a bathing suit line called (Mare de Amore), crochet bikinis and clothes. All hand made, really nice and beautiful! I do not think we are trying to shake the sport of wakesurfing up. We just enjoy life and yep life is good – Doum Lagace


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