6 year old shredder: Liam

Nov 19, 2013

Did we hear, "future TeamTige wakeboarder"?? Liam is a 6 year old little shredder behind his RZR, or his parents RZR! His dad posted on TigeOwners.com some wise words of wisdom for teaching your young children to wakeboard. Check it out! This kid is the future of the sport and we LOVE it!!!

"For parents learning, here are the tips I can give you for what they are worth.
1) Get them good gear. Board, bindings, life jacket, etc.
2) Get them a helmet. I know this is debatable but with a friends child seriously injured by a board to the head shot and 2 little dents in my sons helmet I would encourage them at least for kids. After my concussion at the end of the season I plan to get one for next year.
3) Teach them to "roll up" on the grass using the rope and handle they will use in the water.
4) Race around the yard and jump in circles on the board to get them understanding balancing while on the board.
5) Put them in all their gear in shallow water with you standing by them so they learn to trust their equipment. I underestimated the fear that goes with a young child strapped to a board, with a helmet on, holding a rope, and trusting he wont sink in 20 to 30 feet of water.
6) Get a short rope and attach it to the ski pylon at first. I eventually bought a rope that broke down to 35' and attached it to the ski pylon after a month on a 75' cable on the tower.
7) Go slow. 6.4 mph was the speed that I eventually started my son at. We worked our way up from there.
8) Put their friends in the boat as they will want to show off and peer pressure is amazing.
9) Don't let them just drag behind the boat. Liam advanced much faster when he knew his 20 minute run (which would probably literally kill most of us adults) would come to an end if he stopped carving, jumping or doing some type of trick.
10) Put them in a local tournament. Nothing motivates like an audience.
11) Take them to see the pros. Really, who doesn't want to be that good? I ended up with a concussion and bruised internal organs : ) Can't wait for my helmet and new vest.
12) Keep it fun always.
13) Remember, bribery is cheap when they are young."


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