Australian Newlyweds Visit Tige Boats World Headquarters

Apr 19, 2013

Dane Mason and Rebecca Guy of Melbourne, Australia were married just three short weeks ago. The Mason’s decided to take a month long honeymoon to the United States, including a trip to Abilene to tour the Tige Boats World Headquarters. It is always so fun to meet Tige owners from around the world and we were thrilled to have them visit the factory.

Watersports are huge in Australia with wakeboarding being the most popular. Wakesurfing is on the rise and has gained a lot of popularity this past year. Dane and Rebecca joined the Tige family 6 months ago when purchasing their first Tige from ProWake, our Tige Australia dealer.

The newlyweds scheduled as much as they could during their month in the US and have so far visited New York City and Los Angeles, and taken a cruise of the Caribbean. After leaving Abilene, they are wrapping up their honeymoon with Las Vegas, Hawaii, and then back home to Australia.

Congratulations Dane and Rebecca and welcome to the Tige family!


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