Review: Tige R20

Aug 09, 2014

With the R20, Tige has created a cost effective boat with the same performance hull of the high end boats in the lineup. It still allows for the capability to dial in the perfect sized wake in a high performance boat that can hold her own right alongside the best of the best. She also solves the problem for those that need a smaller boat due to tow vehicle capacities or lake size limit restrictions. She measures in at 20’ (6.1 m) and has an empty weight just over 3,000 lbs. (1,361 kg)

Mission Statement

The Tige R20 was designed to provide an entry level wakeboat that still maintains the company’s demand for performance and construction quality. The price is kept down by eliminating high end upgrades and options while ensuring that the ride quality is not sacrificed.

Build Quality Remains

Tige uses the same build quality, same Convex V hull, and same performance ride, and includes every needed to tow to perfection, her mission is to keep the price down. It does this by keeping a check on some of the more expensive equipment, that while making life easier, adds little to the ability to get the job done.

Simple is as Simple Does

Case in point is the tower. Tige’s Vector tower provides everything needed to accompany a great tow boat, and does it without adding items like LED courtesy lights, embedded docking lights, or ratcheting board racks. It does however, include the fixed racks and it’s still collapsible for easy storing in the garage.

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