Review: Tige RZR

Apr 12, 2014

For those who want a premium wakeboat, but suffer under the rules of lake limits or tow vehicles restricting the size of the boat, Tige answers the call with the RZR. Razor sharp and full of features, this is the boat that will take performance and standards to the max while keeping the size down. This boat can accommodate the popular Alpha Z tower, comes standard with the TigeTouch display screen, and all upholstery is diamond pleated and secured with UV resistant thread. Basically, it’s the whole premium package wrapped up in just 20’ (6.1 m).

The ConvexV

Where other wakeboats have hull bottoms that run in a straight line until they get to the stern and then hook down, Tige’s curves slightly upward. That drops the transom down, creating bigger wake. The more of the transom in the water, the more wake you will have.

Big Wakes

However, add ballast and things change dramatically. Now when the TAPS2 is brought up, the stern sinks way down, and the wake… well, if you want higher then perhaps Olympic ski jumping is more for you. We were able to go easily from a moderately flat wake to a monster wake-surfing wake, all with the touch of a throttle mounted button.


Tige incorporates a pickle fork bow design which allows for more room in the bow while still maintaining the characteristics of the of the V-hull. Unlike the typical bowrider configuration, with two V seats, this one remains completely filled in with padded seating. Storage is behind the port seatback leading into the console while the space under the seats is reserved for ballast sacs.

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