Review: Tige Z3

Jul 12, 2014

We have a new test video of the remarkable Tige Z3 which can be loaded up with 2300 lbs. of ballast to create surfing conditions that are world-class. But as can be seen in the photo above, wake-making is only part of the mission of the Z3. She also must play host to a bevy of spectators who have come to wake-boarding virtuosity of the Z3’s lucky owner. Let’s drill down to find out all about this cult classic.

Mission Statement

The Tige Z3 was created to be the ultimate surfboat, but in creating the best surf wave, she can also create a variety of waves on up to the largest. That allows her to also satisfy the desires of the pro wakeboarder, and even the slalom skier. Then, there are the folks that aren't looking for wake size and just want a snazzy-looking sportboat and don't want to be "me-too" boat owners.


To accomplish its goal, Tige created the ConvexV hull that flies in the face of conventional wisdom of hooking the stern down to create a fatter wake. With a hull design of that nature, there’s no flexibility, the wave it creates is the wave you get. But with ConvexV, the hull is curved up at the end. Then Tige adds an adjustable plate at the center of the stern called TAPS2, for Tige Adjustable Performance System.


The Tige Z3 is an impressive boat with impressive qualities for making the perfect wake across a broad spectrum of disciplines. She transitions equally easily into the family fun boat and that makes her even more appealing.

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If you think Tige's are impressive online, just wait until you experience one on the water!