Dominic Lagace: Back home in Quebec

Aug 19, 2013

In the middle of 2013 wakesurf season, my crazy schedule brought me back to my home in Trois-rivieres. I spend most of my time camping at my friends place where we have our new Tige Z1. The view, the forest, the river, and very few people make this place perfect for training. I try to ride and train everyday while also giving lessons with Hi-5 Wake School. My trips back home always seem short since I am always busy. I was happy about my week because I could finally train and get some new tricks down. It always feels super good to work out and land something new.

After leaving home, my first stop was a contest in Montreal called Wakesurf Challenge Sport Marine… I was super happy to finally go to a contest in my home province. The level of the riders had grown a lot since the last time we had contest. There is a lot of good riders and the local contest motivated everybody to keep on riding and progressing. I finished the contest in 1st place… Very fun since it was my birthday weekend.


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