Dominic Lagace: Home Sweet Home

Jul 08, 2013

After all these months traveling the world, I finally came home to the lovely and adorable Quebec. Quebec is the only Canadian province that has a predominantly French speaking population. Quebec is the largest province by area and is second most populous province, after Ontario. Most inhabitants live in urban areas near the Saint Lawrence River between Montreal and Quebec City, the capital. This is where I was born and my love for wakesurfing was born about 10 years ago. I was very happy to be back home and to see family and friends again.

The weather this time of the year is a little bit cool, but day by day its getting warmer and warmer. Everything looks so clean, green and super beautiful. People here are very active and its not a surprise that there is many Pro’s coming from this region of the world.

After traveling for so long, it always feels good to be home. And even better when there’s a new brand Tige Z1 with Convex VX waiting for you…

The wakesurf scene in this town is huge. Some people wakeboard, but almost all are wakesurfers. Dominic Lagace, Eric Gignac and Philip Lemay are the owners and co foundators of the first and most popular Wakesurf School in Canada, Hi-5 Wakesurf School. The school has been running now for 8 years and has gained a lot of acceptation from the community.

Every year the owners, managers and people from S3 BRSHP and the Hi-5 Wakeschool, Rip Curl and Liquid Force, organize a full day for test the new boards, practice new tricks, and discover wakesurfing. Everyone has so much fun on this day they are all more than in love with wakesurfing and Tige boats.

Every day I go to ride and practice new tricks. Its always good when the wakesurf community comes together because everyone can put something into the sport… tricks, combos, suggestions, etc..

After spending a few days back home in Quebec, I headed to the 2nd contest stop of the Endless Wave Tour in Fort Collins, Colorado: the WWS Shred Fest.

After a delay and getting to Colorado 8 hours after the scheduled time, I finally made it.

The location was so great and beautiful. I pulled up and there was Tige everywhere, with a big tent full of water sport equipment by WWS, a big RV, a few Tige boats for demo and some venders. All of that was located on the top of a hill about 50 meters looking over the no boat zone on the lake where they where doing the contest. It was great place to have the contest because the lake was lower and protected from the wind. That means perfect riding conditions.

For their 1st time hosting the contest, Squids Wake and his crew were ready to start the weekend. There was around 40 riders and a lot of families and spectators on the site to support their friends or family riders all weekend. The ambiance was good and very laid back. I was super happy to see everyone again.

Their was 2 new Tige z3 in the water ready to pull out a huge wake with the new Convex VX. One boat set up on the regular side and the other one set up on the goofy side. Everybody was pretty exciting to try the new boats and new convex VX. We heard some great comments about the wake. Everybody loved it.

After that long travelling weekend and competing in the pro skim category, I finished 2nd in Mens pro Skim.


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