Endless Wave Tour Champions

Sep 20, 2013

We had such a fun summer traveling with the Endless Wave Tour! New friends were made, we got to take lessons with pro wakesurfers and we just had an all-around great time! The first year was a HUGE success and we thank everyone who participated and sponsored (PTM Edge, WetSounds, and Clarion, we're talking to you!) At the 5th and final stop, we crowned the Endless Wave Tour Champions. The second year of the Endless Wave Tour is in development and the schedule will be announced early 2014. Congratulations to the following:

(Best scores of 4 out of 5 stops)

Pro Men Surf Series Champs
1-Chris Kinsey, Jr.
2-Chris Wolter
3-Brandon Tolliver

Pro Men Skim Series Champs
1-Dominic Lagace
2-Brandon Tolliver

Pro Women's Surf Series Champs
1-Ashley Kidd
2-Emily Agate

Pro Women Skim Series Champ
1-Raya Walker

Outlaw Series Champs
1-RJ Garcia
2-Parker Payne

Amateur Men Series Champs
1-Hunter Clement
2-Michael Concienne

Amateur Women Series Champs
1-Allison Sos
2-Jennifer Concienne
3-Maddie Garcia

1-Thomas Garcia


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