National Safe Boating Week: Carbon Monoxide Checklist

May 21, 2013

As a part of National Safe Boating Week, Tige wants to give you the best information to keep you safe this summer! The following list comes from the United States Coast Guard, giving you the best tips on how to check for Carbon Monoxide during every trip, plus a monthly and annual checklist.

Each Time You Go On a Boat Trip

-Make sure you know where CO exhaust outlets are located on your vessel.
-Educate all passengers about the symptoms of CO poisoning and where CO may accumulate.
-When docked, or rafted with another boat, be aware of exhaust emissions from the other boat.
-Confirm that water flows from the exhaust outlet when the engines and generator are started.
-Listen for any change in exhaust sound, which could indicate an exhaust component failure.
-Test the operation of each CO alarm by pressing the test button.

Print and use these checklists, and do not operate your boat without doing the following:

Once a Month

-Make sure all exhaust clamps are in place and secure.
-Look for exhaust leaking from exhaust system components. Signs include rust and/or black streaking, water leaks, or corroded or cracked fittings.
-Inspect rubber exhaust hoses for burned, cracked, or deteriorated sections. All rubber hoses should be pliable and free of kinks.

Once a Year

Have a qualified marine technician:

-Replace exhaust hoses if cracking, charring, or deterioration is found.
-Ensure that your engines and generators are properly tuned, and well maintained.
-Inspect each water pump impeller and the water pump housing. Replace if worn. Make sure cooling systems are in working condition.
-Inspect all metallic exhaust components for cracking, rusting, leaking, or loosening. Make sure they check the cylinder head, exhaust manifold, water injection elbow, and the threaded adapter nipple between the manifold and the elbow.
-Clean, inspect, and confirm proper operation of the generator cooling water anti-siphon valve (if equipped).

For more information on Carbon Monoxide, click here.


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