Performance Marine Watersports in Alliance Wakeboard Magazine

Aug 05, 2013

Alliance: Performance Marine is on Lake of the Ozarks, Home of Brostock. What is the craziest thing you've seen at Brostock?
Performance Marine Watersports: (Owner - Joe Norton) This won't make a top ten list or anything...but one of the most things about BROstock for us is the meet or greet with the riders we have at PWM before the contest. We played football, had an amazing local band, Triangle Blue, and great BBQ. People enjoy getting autographs, catching a few passes from Bob Soven and bragging on Facebook.

A: When did Performance open its doors?
PMW: We have been in the business for fifteen years but at to reorganize at the end of 2009. We opened PMW in 2010.

A: How many years have you been associated with boating?
PMW: I have been in the boating business since 1995 with Tige. Our hobby became our career. My wife and I actually met wakeboarding, got hitched and opened a Tige dealership in 1998!

A: Perfomance is family owned and operated. How important is it to keep the business with the family?
PMW: Its true we are a family business. I work in all areas of the business. My days consist of selling boats, paperwork, working on boats, etc. Our boys are learning along the way. Our son Grant, 13, is a natural salesman and loves to talk to customers. Gabriel, 7, is a serious minded hard worker. He will clean a boat and organize things better than anyone. Both boys love to be on the water and test all the new boards and tubes. My wife helps me in many areas and adds hospitality to the business. Barry Diesel isn't in the family album, but he is the best at everything he does. He is a service genius and the hardest worker you could ever ask for.

A: Your dealership is a true inboard dealer with one line of boats, Tige. What does that say about your business? PMW: We love the Tige company, the Tige cutsomers and the Tige boats. We love the cutting edge changes that Tige continues to make on their boats. We have had the long-standing relationship with Tige company going on 19 years.

A: Lake of the Ozarks is a beautiful lake. What's your favorite part of the lake?
PMW: I enjoy the state park areas the best. They have a natural shoreline and no houses.

A: The lake is pretty damn big too. Have you been end to end in a boat?
PMW: Almost, but still have not done the entire trip in a single outing. Might have to add that to the bucket list.

A: Besides BROstock, does Performance host or support any other events in the area?
PMW: We will be having a Tige Owners Reunion for the midwest in 2014. We are expecting over 150 families to participate in the event next summer.

A: We know you carry Tige Boats but what brands can we expect to find in your pro shop?
PMW: We are the lake's largest watersports pro shop. We have Liquid Force, CWB, Connelly, Oakley, Spy, JetPilot, and Sanuk.

A: Sharing your love for the sport of wakeboarding is huge to a boat dealership's success. What's the one thing you tell everyone about wakeboarding?
PMW: It is a sport and hobby that brings families together. It's a fun way to exercise together and make memories.

A: Has wakesurfing helped boat sales in your area?
PMW: Yes. Wakesurfing has opened up a whole new clientele. Older people who may not want the impact of wakeboarding love to wakesurf. And it's pretty cool to see your grandparents surf! Tige has the leading wakesurfing boats in the industry.

A: Where do you see your business in 10 years?
PMW: I love how it is right now, so I hope it continues like this. I also see my family still helping in it. I have learned from the past that bigger is not always better. I love the simplicity of where it is.

A: Ok Joe, you're probably the biggest guy around lake of the Ozarks, maybe in the state of Missouri, how big are your biceps?
PMW: Funny question, but since you asked..... a humble 21 inches.


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