Rensink Family: 9x Tige Owners

Feb 17, 2014

Ron and Sue Rensink, along with their children Kyle, Katy, Rachel and Jon are now 9x Tige owners! In 2006, John Hanson, an employee of Tige dealer Mau Marine, introduced Kyle to wakeboarding at 12 years old. His passion for being on water grew as they became owners of a new 2006 Tige 22Ve. The Rensink family fell in love with their very first Tige and then again became owners of the just-released RZ2 the very next year. “The 2007 RZ2 is the one that got me hooked,” stated Kyle Rensink. “That summer we put in almost 250 hours and from that point on, we were fortunate that Mau would treat us very well. I now order a new boat each Fall for the following year.”

Fast-forward a few years and the Rensinks relationship with Mau Marine and Tige has continued to flourish. Kyle began working at Mau Marine helping the sales team with whatever they needed help with: demos, deliveries or helping out the service department. Kyle then was able to take his very first trip to the Tige Factory in Abilene, Texas. “I have got to know a good portion of the guys and gals at the factory and they are all great people who have always been there to help get warranty issues resolved right away and to get me back up in running," said Kyle. “Tony is a great guy who has always been quick to respond to my emails, and listen to my input and opinion on the current product for future references. Tige has always treated my family and myself very well and taken the time to get to know us. I believe Tige is an amazing company who is always pushing the sport into the future and especially the company. They have always been quick to stay with the technology curve and while doing so, made sure their product was ready for release."

Kyle continues to sport the Tige name and logo on the back window of his truck so everywhere he goes, people know about Tige. “I would not be where I am today without my family, the people at Mau Marine who have always been quick to help us even prior to myself working there, and especially Tige for being such an awesome company,” added Rensink. "I could not see myself going anywhere else with everything the company has to offer and especially the way they have treated me.”


2007 RZ2

2008 RZ4

2009 RZ4

2010 RZ2

2011 RZ2

2012 RZ2

2013 Z3


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