The Tige Z1 is right for you if…

Sep 27, 2014

The Tige Z1 is the best wakeboard boat for you if: You like the look of a traditional bow in a smaller size from a company known for its surfing prowess and stylish boats.

Tige Boats placed a premium on style, comfort and performance in the 2014 Z1. Taking its cues from the popular Z3, the 21-foot Z1 features a deep-seated traditional bow, and passengers sit deep in both the lounge and bow, which makes this shorter boat feel bigger, safer and more comfortable. The Clamp 4rce board racks on the Z1 are amazing examples of engineering, making storing all your boards ridiculously easy. They swivel; they ratchet down tight, and they pop open with one button. They’re the best board racks on the market, and we definitely recommend them. Finally, the Z1 is plush and stylish. This boat doesn’t just perform on the water, but it also looks amazing. Inside and out, the Z1 has classic Tige styling that makes for one of the best-looking boats on the market. The interior has been redesigned with new vinyl textures and rounded lines that make the seating even more ergonomic than in years past.

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