Tigé Antes Up $5k for Best MyWake Video Edit

Jun 19, 2013

Tige Mywake now includes a $5,000 prize for best edited video. The open call for video editors to show off their savvy editing skills is eligible for all edited athlete submitted videos in wakeboarding, wakeskating and wakesurfing categories of the contest.

Video editors have two options to participate in the revolutionary competition. First, they can team up with a rider they know in one of the three disciplines and film and edit their video submission together. Or if a video editor does not know any riders, he/she can select a rider submitted video at mywake.com, contact that athlete via social media and partner with them to edit their video and submit it for judging.

“The Tige MyWake Global Challenge isn’t only about pitting the world’s best wakeriders head-to-head to showcase their very best run,” said Daniel Gutierrez, Tige’s Director of Marketing. “The progression of the sports also depends on the inclusion of the best video editors. We are stoked to offer $5,000 for best video edit and entice them to work with the world’s best wake athletes.”

Through Aug. 31, video editors and riders can enter the online contest. For more information about the Tige MyWake Global Challenge or to submit videos visit mywake.com.


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