Tigé Boats, Inc. Receives Innovation Award for all-new GO System

Mar 11, 2020

Abilene, TX – Tigé Boats, Inc. continues to be defined as one of the most innovative brands in the towboat industry, most recently winning the WSIA Product Innovation of the Year Award for the all-new GO System, powered by TAPS 3T. The WSIA’s Innovation Award is given to those who lead the industry to new heights and offer the most innovative products.

Tigé Boats unveiled the all-new, and only of its kind, GO System for the 2020 model year, allowing boaters to quickly dial in epic performance quicker than ever before. Whether you're setting up for wakesurfing, wakeboarding, skiing, or heading home, the GO System makes dialing in your boat literally effortless. Just push 'GO' and your cruise control, ballast, and TAPS 3T settings will automatically be set. No set up or dialing in instructions needed.

The skilled and passionate Tigé team spent hundreds of hours on the water to integrate the patented Convex V Hull design, surf plate technology, and powerful actuators into the most sophisticated and intuitive interface in the industry. The GO System software is designed specifically for each Tigé model, so your waves and wakes are on-demand and on-point.

“Our team at Tigé works really hard to guarantee our boats offer the best technology, performance, and versatility to our consumers, and that’s what we’ve accomplished with the GO System,” stated Charlie Pigeon, Founder and CEO of Tigé Boats, Inc. “The convenience and ease-of-use of the GO System technology is unmatched. It’s really incredible.”

GO SURF: Epic waves on demand. Just select your surf range on the Tigé CLEAR User Experience and then you're on your way with your perfect wave.

GO WAKE: Loaded with underfloor ballast, the proven performance of the Convex V Hull and TAPS 3T, your pro-level wakes will be epic and the setup will be easy. Just select GO wake and your skill level, then let your Tigé do the rest.

GO SKI: A soft slalom wake will be served up when you're ready to switch things up. Just push GO SKI, select your skill level, and you'll be ready to roll.

GO HOME: When you're ready to head in and call it a day, the GO HOME feature will automatically drain ballast and set cruise control to 30 mph.

*The GO System is available on Tigé Boats & ATX Surf Boats 2020 models


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