Tige and Indmar Create Alliance to Set the Future for Watersports

Jun 14, 2013

Tige Boats and Indmar Marine Engines are partnering to engineer, build, and produce an engine that brings the boldness of a Tige inward. The new engine ultimately sets the foundation for the future of the Tige product line by exploring the unknown and eliminating all traditional expectations from a marine engine.

“Over the years Indmar has proven themselves to be an industry powerhouse in inboard power plants,” stated Rick Correll, Tige President. “The ability for us to customize and design a unique power system that further enhances our patented Convex V hull resulted in an engine that stands for who Tige is and where the Tige product line is going. Forward thinking in an ever-changing industry makes the alliance between Tige and Indmar a natural fit.”

The Indmar engine built solely for Tige makes a declaration for the power behind change. Optimized horsepower, the perfect balance of torque, and further increased fuel efficiency all prove the athleticism found in the 2014 Tige lineup.

“We are leveraging two leading companies respective strengths to deliver a customized world-class boating experience,” explained Chuck Rowe, President of Indmar Marine Engines. “We have focused our combined energies to produce a suite of engines that offer consumers the quality craftsmanship and iconic performance associated with both brands."

With a combined 15 awards for Excellence in Customer Satisfaction, Tige and Indmar will offer an engine lineup with one thing in mind: to simplify your life. Your peace of mind is reassured by a powertrain that delivers no compromises, untouched precision, and the right for you to want more out of your boat.”

Engines will be announced soon!


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