Tige ASR lands on the cover of Boating World magazine

May 28, 2014

If you haven't seen the June issue of Boating World magazine, run and get one now! The Tige ASR is the feature boat of the magazine with information and performance reviews. Here are a few highlights from the magazine:

Best Uses
The ASR's purpose is pretty clear: to create the ultimate ramp for wakeboarders that can be tweaked to be ideal for the beginner or big enough for a touring pro while still being able to produce the massive surfing wave Tige's are known for. The launch ramp is massive but mellow, so it's not like hitting a curb with a shopping cart when you approach it at speed.

Preferred Setup
This is Tige's top-of-the-line model, so it comes loaded with standard features such as the cast-aluminum Alpha Z Tower, whose distinctive shape will help everyone know it's a Tige. Must-have options are the Convex VX surf-enhancement system that is an extension of the Convex V hull and creates a smoother, deeper pocket, along with composite Clamp 4rce board racks, a transom remote, and trailer

Tige is a really a custom builder and can likely make your desire come true if you want something out of the ordinary.

Get your print or digital copy of Boating World magazine here: www.boatingworld.com


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If you think Tige's are impressive online, just wait until you experience one on the water!