Tige Boats Generates Remote Control Surf Waves with the New AVX Surf System

Sep 04, 2014

For nearly 25 years, Tige Boats has introduced a number of industry firsts, each one integrated into the product line to make your time on the water the best time. Tige Boats has powered an engineering benchmark once again, this time placing the power in the palm of the surfer’s hands with the all-new Tige AVX Surf System. Featuring the Surf Link™ Remote and adaptive hull technology, the AVX Surf System is the first of its kind, making you the creator of the ultimate surf experience.

“We have always applied a fresh approach to our product innovations,” stated Charlie Pigeon, CEO of Tige Boats. “Through maintaining close relationships with our owners, dealer network, and personally engaging with and using our own products, we are constantly increasing our competitive advantage and pushing the possibilities of watersports.”

The AVX Surf System is a collaboration of five components: the Surf Link™ Remote, AdaptiVX, Tige Touch2, Surf XL Ballast, TAPS2, Convex V/Apex Hulls, and the new Raptor Series Engines by Indmar. With the industry’s leading technology working together as one, the AVX Surf System now equips your endless wave with endless possibilities. With the click of a button on the Surf Link™ remote, you can adjust the shape, style, length and height of your surf wave, right from the pocket. Whatever your skill level, Tige adapts to you, hooking you up with full capability for an unforgettable ride.

“The industry isn’t our main driver. It’s our owners expectations that guide us back to the drawing board year after year,” said Blake Pigeon of Tige Boats. “The AVX Surf System is the hallmark of our customer-driven culture."

The AVX Surf System is now available on 2015 Tige models. For a full description on the new AVX Surf System, visit tige.com/avx or visit your nearest Tige dealer.


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