Apr 01, 2020

ABILENE, TX – Tige Boats Inc. announced today that they will begin producing Personal Protective Equipment in the fight against COVID-19. Out of its world-class boat manufacturing facility in Abilene, Texas, Tige Boats will start producing and donating 500 face shields per day, along with other high-demand PPE equipment such as face masks.

“Our team has been working tirelessly and moving quickly to support the first responders during such a tough and unprecedented time,” stated Charlie Pigeon, Founder, Owner, and CEO of Tige Boats Inc. “Our goal is to embrace the talents of our workforce to combat COVID-19 and return to normal life as quickly as possible.”

The Tige Team is composed of more than 200 skilled and passionate employees who will be running in alternative shifts and transitioning their efforts from building surf/wake boats to PPE necessities beginning Friday, April 3, 2020. Tige intends to increase the production of PPE supplies as materials are available and will continue to produce as long as they remain in high demand.

Tige Boats Inc has also donated over 2,000 protective suits to local hospitals in the area of their headquarters in Texas.

Tige Boats has created a training video and templates for several other boat manufacturers so that they may begin mass-producing shields. If you feel your business is capable of producing PPE and need design specifications and instructions, please contact Jean Wagner (jwagner@tige.com).


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