Tige Boats, Inc. Launches Innovative Features for 2024

Aug 17, 2023

Abilene, TX -- Tige Boats Inc. is bringing a new wave of technological advancements, unmatched performance, a new level of functionality, and more convenience than ever before to the 2024 model year. Tige Boats stands at the forefront of the industry, consistently delivering innovative solutions that shape the future of boating - and they did it again for 2024.

"The 2024 Tige Line signifies more than just the advancement of our boats; it's a clear testament to the strides we've taken in technological advancement," stated Charlie Pigeon, Owner and CEO of Tige Boats. "As luxury standards continually evolve, we're thrilled to present a range of dynamic features and industry firsts that raise the bar for what luxury is. We can't wait for everyone to experience what our team has worked so hard on."

For 2024, consumers can experience the future of touch screen technology with Tige CLEAR Horizon, the first-of-its-kind SheerShade Tower Cover, more shade-than-ever before with the Cove Cover Elite, next-level convenience with the Inflate High-Pressure Air Pump, luxurious exterior styling, enhanced interior designs, additional gel coat, and vinyl colors to choose from, and more lighting options than ever before.

Tige CLEAR Horizon
Tigé's all-new interface, CLEAR Horizon, takes a massive leap forward in touchscreen technology. The upgraded touchscreen offers enhanced visibility, seamless animations, and video playback on its 12.1" high-definition, glare-free screen. CLEAR Horizon introduces a dynamic swipe feature that allows you to access and manage up to four functions simultaneously without switching screens, presenting unparalleled responsiveness and fulfilling boaters' desires for an experience unlike any other. Explore CLEAR Horizon here.

SheerShade Tower Cover
Tigé presents the SheerShade Tower Cover – an industry first. Crafted with precision, the all-new Sheer Shade Cover allows a soft flow of sunlight to filter through while simultaneously providing an impressive 85% shade. It ensures a cool and comfortable environment on deck during the sunniest days and welcomes a warm light in on cooler days.

Cove Cover Elite
Introducing Tige's Cove Cover Elite, thoughtfully engineered with boaters in mind who seek to maximize their time on the water while staying comfortably shielded from the sun. The Cove Cover Elite effortlessly clips into the Alpha E3+ with SolidShade Tower to provide you shade from bow to transom. Keep the kids and family out of the sun but still in the boat.
*Only optional with the Alpha E3+ with SolidShade Tower.

Inflate High-Pressure Air Pump
Tige has eliminated the inconvenience of manually inflating and deflating your towables with the introduction of the Inflate High-Pressure Air Pump. This optional pump, thoughtfully placed in the surf locker of the RZX class, offers a maximum inflation capacity of 20 psi. It effortlessly and rapidly inflates lake mats, tubes, paddle boards, and more, enhancing your on-water experience with ease and efficiency.

Luxurious Interior and Exterior Styling & Color Options
For Tige, 2024 wasn't only about making leaps in technology but also redefining luxury when it comes to exterior and interior designs. Discover Tige's all-new Gold Accent Package alongside six new exterior colorways and a new vinyl option. Interior enhancements to the RZX Class include the deluxe double diamond-stitched design and a removable transom filler cushion. The upgrades continue with the robust Clamp 4rce Board Racks with integrated lifejacket hangers. Lastly, Tigé is the forefront innovator in lighting, with customizable underwater, interior, and tower lights while prioritizing convenience and safety by adding reverse docking lights. These enhancements showcase the elevated craftsmanship and luxury that Tigé is known for and have set a new standard for sophistication on the water.

2024 Tige Boats are landing in dealerships worldwide, making waves with their powerful performance, and demanding new looks. Explore 2024 Tige Boats ONLINE NOW, then experience one for yourself at your local DEALERSHIP.


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