Jan 11, 2021

Abilene, TX — Tige Boats, Inc. recently launched the next-gen and first of its kind Virtual Experience, bringing together boaters worldwide to engage with Tige Boats and ATX Surf Boats on a whole new level. In a modernized world where consumers are online for day-to-day research and shopping, the Virtual Experience allows boat buyers and enthusiasts to experience the Tige/ATX brands, innovations, and product line. Boat buyers can also secure Tige and ATX boat show incentives of up to $8,000 off MSRP with a refundable deposit using the new Online Reservation platform.

"Our goal was to provide a seamless and innovative way for consumers to do research and be able to experience as much of our product line as possible from the safety of their homes," stated Charlie Pigeon, Owner and CEO of Tige Boats, Inc. "The Virtual Experience takes a traditional boat show or showroom and turns it into an exceptional online avenue that will help you choose the perfect boat for your family or lifestyle.“

The Virtual Experience is a 4K virtual reality 3D showroom that allows users to immerse themselves as if they saw it in person. It will enable consumers to conduct an adequate amount of research before advancing their purchase decision by providing a unique look of every Tige and ATX model side by side and walkthrough videos from Tige/ATX top product professionals. Each boat offers five short videos highlighting that model's features, including an overview of the boat, storage, performance, interior, and the helm. A user can also learn more about the award-winning GO System powered by TAPS 3T, tower options, engines, and the patented Convex V Hull.

Both Tige Boats and ATX Surf Boats display their own designated showrooms. Immerse yourself in the Virtual Experiences here: Tige Boats Virtual Experience / ATX Surf Boats Virtual Experience


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