Tige MyWake Finals: Results

Oct 08, 2013

Championship campaigns that originated via online video submissions beginning in June came to fruition for seven of the athletes competing at the final day of the Tige MyWake Global Challenge presented by Polaroid Action. The dramatic weekend of action at Sparks Marina saw a slew of neck-to-neck heats from the world’s best wake athletes, including mind blowing runs from Dean Smith, who claimed first place in the Men’s Pro Wakeboard division.

Showing off his fully loaded arsenal of tricks, Smith unleashed a demo in progressive riding. Launching off the world class wake of the Tige ASR, Smith linked massive aerials with skilled technical tricks and overall stylish riding to secure a MyWake Global Challenge championship title.

"The concept behind the contest is really cool and all the guys were excited to get here and ride together after seeing the videos being posted all summer long,” said Smith. “I felt great behind the boat today and I’m stoked I was able to put together a run that edged out some great riding from all the guys today."

In the highly-competitive Pro Wakeskate division James Balzer overcame a stack field of the sport’s biggest name to claim victory. Balzer used a run that paired clean wake-to-wake airs with technical grabs to win over the judges favor and clinch a coveted MyWake championship.

The growth of wakesurfing was apparent throughout the weekend with some of the sport’s top riders in Sparks to compete. Claiming top honors in the Men’s Pro division was Chase Hazen, who performed flawlessly behind the Tige Z3’s clean wake specifically engineered for progressive surfing.

For more information about the Tige MyWake Global Challenge, including rules, regulations and entry, visit www.mywake.com.

Day 3 results:

Pro Wakeskate:

1. James Balzer: 75.00

2. Reed Hansen 69.33

3. Brandon Thomas 63.33

4. Danny Hampson 53.33

5. Dieter Humpsch 45.67

6. Brian Grubb 40.00

7. Austin Polterock 31.67

Pro Women Wakeboard

1. Dallas Friday 86.67

2. Raequel Hoffman 76.67

3. Taylor McCullough 66.67

4. Amber Wing 60.00

5. Shawna Hoffman 43.33

Pro Men Wakeboard

1. Adam Errington 81.67

2. Dean Smith 77.33

3. Aaron Rathy 73.33

4. Austin Hair 68.33

5. Erik Ruck 60.00

6. Scotty Broome 50.00


Pro Wakeskate Final

1. James Balzer

2. Reed Hansen

3. Danny Hampson

4. Brandon Thomas

5. Dieter Humpsch

6. Brian Grubb

7. Austin Polterock

Pro Womens Wakeboard

1. Dallas Friday

2. Raequal Hoffman

3. Amber Wing

4. Taylor McCullough

5. Shawna Hoffman

Pro Mens Wakeboard

1. Dean Smith

2. Adam Errington

3. Aaron Rathy

4. Austin Hair

5. Erik Ruck

6. Scotty Broome

Womens Surf

1. Ashley Kidd

2. Korina Smyrek

3. Allison Sos

4. Emily Agate

Mens Surf

1. Chase Hazen

2. James Walker

3. Trevor Miller

4. RjGarcia

Womens Skim

1. Bri Chmel

2. Vanessa Gonzalez

Mens Skim

1. Dominic Lagace

2. Aaron Witherell

3. Grant Witherell

4. Brandon Tolliver


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