#TigeStories: Kyler Mitchell

Sep 11, 2014

Kyler Mitchell is a local of Brownwood, Texas. He currently attends Bangs High School in Bangs, Texas where he will be a senior and graduate in 2015. Kyler is your basic lake rat, and enjoys fishing, hunting and the outdoors. Brad Tyson, the owner of US Dock in Brownwood, where Kyler works, has been a really huge supporter of him and his drive for wakeboarding. Kyler views wakeboarding more than just a hobby or sport but a dream that he could use to touch and inspire others.

Tige Boats: What inspired you to pursue the sport of wakeboarding?
Kyler Mitchell: I'm a dreamer. I was inspired to chase my dreams through my family. My dream is to make wakeboarding bigger then ever and take it to the next level when I graduate high school. I feel like God has blessed me with this talent of wakeboarding and that's what I plan to pursue.

TB: What is your favorite trick and how do you manage to execute it?
KM: Switch Krypt grab To Revert, it's all about good line tension and trust in my strength to throw the trick. It has become routine for me and it's one of my favorite tricks to throw.

TB:What is your favorite boat to ride behind?
KM: In Brownwood, I ride behind all kinds of boats from MasterCraft, Nautique, Supra, you name it! My experience with boats is broad. My favorite boat to ride behind is honestly the Tige ASR. The boat has plenty of pop and holds a lot of power throughout the ride. It is able to cut through on coming waves and planes out really well under a lot of weight. I'm a huge fan of the ASR and believe it's a game changer when it comes to wakeboarding and boats.

TB:Are you regular or switch rider?
KM:I'm a switch rider, but I can ride pretty well regular too. I have no preference. I did start out riding regular though.

TB: What is your favorite memory riding behind a Tige?
KM: This past summer when Tony brought the ASR down to Lake Brownwood.
He allowed me to board behind it and I've never gotten higher in my life! It was a blast and a huge eye opening experience for me and my opinion towards Tige'.

TB:Why are you so set on the idea of taking wakeboarding to the next level?
KM: I want to take wakeboarding to the next level because not only is it a future life style I want to chase and pursue, but it's a task. Wakeboarding is growing rapidly but in order to stay on the right track and continue to explode with recognition we need guys like me that bring fire and excitement to the table.

TB:In terms of your riding, do you have any specific goals for the next couple of years?
KM: My goal is just to continue to grow and mature in the nature of the sport, I can't say or name a specific trick all I want to do is learn the sport more and grow as a rider.

TB: What have been some of your challenges you have faced in life?
KM:I feel like my learning disability is a huge challenge for me. I'm dyslexic, I've struggled all my life with learning in school, and in some ways it's held me back in the classroom. I'm not ashamed of it, I've adapted well and had plenty of support, but it has been difficult. I feel God has made me the way I am and there's always reasons for everything.

TB: For you, what does it feel like to be behind the boat doing what you know how to do best?
KM: It brings a certain peace within my body and I fall into a zone where it seems like nothing else matters. It's a humbling experience and feeling I get, I wouldn't trade it for the world. It's home to me.

TB: Who do you look for for inspiration?
KM: I look to my friends and family. I've had some really helpful work partners and best friends that have helped me along this way. I'm thankful for the Lords guidance and the people he has set in my path. Inspiration comes easy with these people and it's been a blessing having all the support and guidance I have.

TB: Would you rather wakeboard or wakesurf?
KM: I love wakeboarding, but I also enjoy wakesurfing on a really busy day on the lake when I can't find a smooth spot to board on.

TB: What are some of your future plans?
KM: I've done a lot of inside searching these past years and College isn't for me. I know my calling and it's wakeboarding. I feel it's an amazing opportunity to guide, mentor and love the people in this sport I love so much. I'm called to love and this is what I want my career to be.

TB: What would be a "perfect day" for you?
KM: That's simple, an all day lake adventure with my friends and family.
Sun up to sun down in Brownwood, Tx on Lake Brownwood.


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