Wakedition introduces The Generation Next Project with Tige Boats

Aug 25, 2014

Wakedition and ProWake selected eleven riders to come along to perform in front of our lenses for the Generation Next Project, with each rider having what it takes to someday make it to the top of the wakeboarding world.

Held in conjunction with the ProWake Invitational event, two loaded Tige boats were stacked with some of Australia’s next best talent as we steamed up the Tweed River with each participant riding, cheering, laughing and straight up showing off.

Featuring: Joel Bartley, Lewy Watt, Cobe France, Josh Swift, Shelby Dunlop, Sam Brown, Elliot Digney, Matt Pearce, Nic Rapa, Michael Cotton and Jesse Scott.


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If you think Tigé's are impressive online, wait until you experience one on the water!