West Coast Wakesurf Open Announces Winners

Jun 02, 2015

The Tige Endless Wave Tour opened in style at the West Coast Wakesurf Open in Wheatland, California. It was a weekend filled with top pro riders, wakesurf boat and board demos, clinics, BBQ, and a lot of fun. The Champions were crowned as we kick off to another amazing summer.


1st- Perry Morrison
2nd- Dino Wilson
3rd- Savannah Nordgren

Masters Women
1st- Janelle Harrington
2nd- Kristi Vanderlinde
3rd- Linda Bethke

Masters Men
1st- Brent Dorey
2nd- Rob Harrington
3rd- Don Bethke

Women’s Longboard
1st- Janelle Harrington
2nd- Korinn Woodard
3rd- Buffy Lloyd

Men’s Longboard
1st- Todd Johnson
2nd- Dave Rusch
3rd- Allan Kendall

Amateur Women Surf
1st- Korinn Woodard
2nd- Megan Miller
3rd- Emily Hanson

Amateur Women Skim
1st- Erica Sos
2nd- Kelli Burton
3rd- Silvana Hildago

Amateur Men Surf
1st- Dan Sauvageau
2nd- Kyle Woodard
3rd- Thomas Garcia

Semi Pro Men Skim
1st- Chad Burton
2nd- Michael Concienne
3rd- Jason Zirnite

Semi Pro Men Surf
1st- Hunter Clement
2nd- Mike Viland
3rd- RJ Garcia

Semi Pro Women Surf
1st- Madi Horta
2nd- Jennifer Concienne
3rd- Hana Darwin

Women’s Pro Skim
1st- Taylor Dorey
2nd- Vanessa Vincent

Men’s Pro Skim
1st- Dom Lagace
2nd- Sean Cummings
3rd- Aaron Witherell

Women’s Pro Surf
1st- Ashley Kidd
2nd- Allison Sos
3rd- Angie Viland

Men’s Pro Surf
1st- Chris Wolter
2nd- Aaron Witherell
3rd- Todd Johnson


Women's Pro Surf

Junior Winners


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