World Record Attempt: Wakesurf Marathon

Sep 17, 2013

Day1 Wake is excited to announce that we will be attempting the Wakesurf Marathon World Record on October 1st, 2013. Our Team Rider Trevor Miller has spent the last 6 months preparing, training and planning to attempt the world record in conjunction with the Tige MyWake Finals in Sparks, NV. What started as dream of Trevor’s, both on a personal level and professional level, has now become a reality. This effort will help move wakesurfing from the fringe to the mainstream, solidifying a core place in the watersports world.

Given the significant effort required in attempting and completing a world record, Day1 has partnered with Tige Boats as the official tow/wake boat of the attempt. Tige is a leading manufacturer of boats with a keen focus on the wakesurf world. Their partnership and support is a key part of the record attempt.

“Day1 Wake focuses on building high-quality wakesurf boards for a team of athletes committed to the sport and a community of recreational riders that want a board set apart from the masses. This world record attempt is simply an extension of who we are,” comments Bryce McDonald – Co-founder of Day1 Wake.

“I’ve been dreaming about this opportunity for the last 3 years. Now a reality, I can’t wait to go after the world record. This will be a great accomplishment for me, my sponsors, and the sport of wakesurfing,” says Trevor Miller.

The world record attempt will get kicked off at approximately 6pm on October 1st, continuing through 6pm October 2nd. Thanks to the City of Sparks and their involvement in the effort, the attempt and the following Tige MyWake Finals scheduled for October 4th through 6th are both viewable by the public.


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