‘Would You Rather’ with EWT Wakesurfer Hunter Clement

May 27, 2014

Hunter Clement is coming back to the Endless Wave Tour for the 2nd year and is looking to claim his fame again the Amateur division. While Hunter is a serious competitor, you can always find him having some fun behind the scenes. Hunter will be competing at all 5 stops of the Endless Wave Tour with the West Coast Wakesurf Open first up in his home territory.

Would you rather...

TB: Be able to life 100 pounds with your mind, or 10,000 pounds with your body?
HC: Oh, 10,000 with my body, like the Hulk!

TB: Get a dream vacation for two weeks, or spend 5 days with anyone in the world, but you must stay in your hometown?
HC: Dream Vacation... Please and thank you!

TB: Hold your horses or cool your jets?
HC: I like holding my horses, not cooling my jets.

TB: Would you rather not be able to google for 24 hours or not be able to sleep for 24 hours?
HC: Sleep is the best, so not being able to Google.

TB: Would you rather lick a frog or a one dollar bill?
HC: Lick a frog, I guess... It's probably cleaner than money

TB: Would you rather talk like Yoda or breathe like Darth Vader?
HC: I don't know what Yoda sounds like... So, breathe like Darth Vader.
*kids these days!*


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