WWS Summer Shred Fest: Results

Jun 24, 2013

The first two stops of Tige's Endless Wave Tour are a wrap! WWS Summer Shred Fest had an amazing venue with a great view of the course. Wakesurfers came in from all over the country to shred at Horsetooth Reservoir and I must say... It was a great time by all! HUGE thanks to WetSounds, Clarion, PTM Edge, Squids Wake, Waterski Specialty for all of the time and planning that went into the event and all of their local sponsors: Soulcraft Boarding, Mendonesia Surf, Doomswell, and Day 1. Check out the results of WWS Summer Shred Fest below:

Mens Pro Surf

1st - Chris Kinsey, Jr
2nd - James Lovett
3rd - Brandon Tolliver

Womens Pro Surf

1st - Ashley Kidd
2nd - Emily Agate

Mens Pro Skim

1st - James Lovett
2nd - Dominic Lagace
3rd - Brandon Tolliver

Amateur Men:

1st - Hunter Clement
2nd - Tim Barnes
3rd - Michael Concienne

Amateur Women:

1st - Allison Sos
2nd - Jennifer Concienne
3rd - Maddie Garcia


1st - Thomas Garcia
2nd - Ben Kendall "Little Squid"


1st - Rob Harrington
2nd - Janelle Harrington
3rd - Bob Concienne


1st - RJ Garcia
2nd - Parker Payne
3rd - Ford Chupik


1st - James Lovett
2nd - Brandon Tolliver
3rd - RJ Garcia

Congratulations to all!!


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