Josh Kerr (Professional Surfer)

The 20RZX is on a whole other level. It has such a deep hull, it's wide, and it has heaps of storage, which allows plenty of room for my family. It throws a beautiful wave, the right and left side are so powerful... it's just insane.

Nick Booth

I looked at several of the other brands and TIGE seemed to provide the best "bang for the buck". I feel like I got more options and a better looking boat for less money than other brands like Mastercraft, Super Air Nautique, Supra, etc. So far the boat has done everything it was promised to do...

Monte Prody

Took delivery of new RZX Tige couple weeks ago, so far very satisfied with the boat. Throws a great wave for surfing.

Kevin Schmidt

This is my second Tigé within 2 years. I upgraded to a Tow bow in 2018 and we absolutely love our boats. The amount of compliments we get on the boats are amazing. The performance this boats give is unmatched. Skipper Buds does an amazing job of representing these boats. We are addicted to these boats! Thank you, Schmidt Family


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