21 ZX


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Just push ‘GO’ and TAPS 3T will show you a new level of surf and wake performance.

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Convex V Hull

The patented Convex V Hull allows Tige's to produce a wake superior to all other inboards.

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Tige Clear

The next-generation of on-board technology that's sure to elevate everything about your experience in a Tige.

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Alpha E2 Tower

Precision has never been this powerful in engineering, strength, and design.

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Raptor Series By Indmar

More power, more torque and better fuel economy than any other engine on the market.

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Wet Sounds Audio System

Turn up the tunes and let the good times roll with our Wet Sounds audio system.

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Let's Ride.

If you think Tige's are impressive online, wait until you see one on the water.

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