23 RZX


Mike & Michelle

I am so impressed with this new boat! We upgraded from a 2005 24V, which was a great boat. The technology, performance and overall experience has come a long way in 13 years. The Tige Clear control system is very intuitive and has great function... It has amazing power and torque. The surf experience is wonderful on this boat. You get 3000lbs of ballast with no need to sacrifice any storage since all the ballast is under the floor. Very Happy!

Joe Zurfley

I have purchased 3 boats and this has been by far the best buying experience I have had - So far the service relationship has also been superb!

Terrell Taylor

I have surfed behind most of the top rated surf boats(tige,malibu,nautique, supra). The 23RZX throws up as good as if not a better wave than most! The ease of using the electronics and the outstanding warranty put me over the top.

Michael Onesty

My new Tige 23RZX has been the best experience I have had buying something new in a long time. From the Factory visit to my dealer, everyone has been exceptional and willing to help. I would not hesitate to buy another Tige. I think they make the best boat on the market for the things that we like to do with a boat. The boat is also one of the nicest looking boats on our lake. I have never owned something that makes other people stare. In the no wake zone, everyone stares!!!!

David Hackley

My new Tige Boat is mind blowing. I loved the building process and then the excitement of the day my boat arrived. This thing has all the bells and whistles and is fun to drive. Each day I think of boating and surfing it brings a smile to my face.


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